Ex-Enemy Hicom Joins RFCP as Advisor

When RPF 3ic Pookie, otherwise known as “LemmeGetUhhh…”, retired from service on Monday, no one expected his next move would be to RFCP.

RPF was considered RFCP’s 2nd biggest foe, but with the heat rising in the prelude of the Brutusian War, the Romans certainly have bumped RPF to #3.

Still, RFCP has been an antagonist of the decade-old behemoth, carrying out revolutions against the rival Federation and even having a phrase of Penguin Latin devoted to RFCP’s refusal to relent against RPF opposition. Does gnor l’yat fjor (“Never kneel”) ring a bell?

At other times, however, RPF and RFCP seemed less enemies by choice and more enemies by circumstance. Their exterior allegiances never aligned, but each army has expressed stiff respect for each other.

Pookie’s role in this turbulent relationship has been a subtle one. Known for sly rather than smack trolling (and popping into DMs only to purposefully make you wait in “anticipation”), Pookie’s affluence in the army community is magnetic. He has served as a judge and mod for the former league, CPA (rip), and his history in armies is deep.

Other than a long career at RPF, Pookie served as 2ic of Arctic Ops, a famous RPF offshoot.

Pookie and current RPF leader, UltipenguinJ, as AO. Photograph from February 24, 2014

Promotions to the owner line for AO were conducted democratically.

Securing an advisor role at RFCP, however–in keeping with an ever-increasingly celebrated and publicized tradition of RFCP autocracy–has only one such hurdle: getting past the Commander.

After demonstrating strides in the direction of brotherhood with RFCP, Pookie, to many’s surprise, won over hearts quickly in the army. He celebrated the coup of Kailey with the purple and black (that should be a blog post; we’ll get on that), became an Uncle, and even found himself the first ever recipient of the RFCP 50″ x 60″ fleece blanket.

Best of all to these bloggers, Pookie even accepted an invitation to RFCP’s January hosting of Zootopia (2016) move night with enthusiasm.

The interview process for becoming an RFCP advisor asks the following questions:

  1. Are you currently advising (or plan to advise) any other armies? Which?
  2. What armies have you advised in the past?
  3. Why do you want to advise RFCP? (We require more than “It’d be fun/I’m bored”).
  4. How do you think you can improve RFCP?
  5. Do you believe we are a good army, with good folks, and do you reject the hate rhetoric we receive on the daily? If yes, will you represent that goodness abroad?
  6. How active can you be?
  7. Lastly, if accepted, you will be given privy to a private channel called the “conference room.” This is a hicom channel. Do you pledge never to leak information from that channel at any time, during or beyond your service?

Pookie’s answers were affirming in every way.

He was accepted.

Now, strengthened by a distinguished veteran on the side of the Recon Federation, the army moves into war with new support, and the sharp military counsel from a hicom of one of the largest armies in Club Penguin history.

“We are empowered having Pookie join our side and our board,” said Commander Prior. “We’ve had our professional skirmishes in the past. But in the end, Pookie was a brother when it actually mattered.”

He joins two other Advisors in bright pink–a newly active Tumbling (!!!!!), and an inactive but proudly and anti-ACP symbolic Lord Pain.

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