Prior Bumble Becomes CEO of CPAWL

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: After Jester steps down as CEO of Club Penguin Army Warfare League (CPAWL), Prior Bumble takes his place.

On September 8th, 2020, Prior Bumble accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of Club Penguin Warfare League (CPAWL). The move came after the sudden departure of Jtr (AKA Jester) from management, and even from the server itself. Jtr left behind an inactive community and an at-large co-CEO, and revival at the hands of new staff seemed to be CPAWL’s only chance. 

CPAWL was founded on August 12, 2020, and distinguished itself as a heated rival of Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH). It launched with CEOs Jtr and Sidie9, Producer CPMaster and TD999, Editor-in-Chief Bryce, and a slew of young reporters and judges. Prior Bumble was originally slated to serve as the third CEO, but plans fell through. 

So when RFCP Colonel CPMaster witnessed the abrupt disappearance of Jtr, he encouraged the new owner, Coolguy, to meet with Commander Prior. The two shook hands (firmly) in DMs

Both men soon realized they shared a similar vision for CPAWL. Prior outlined the key objectives he’d set for the league should he take any role. 

  • Plan a tournament 
  • Hire more reporters
  • Improve relations with CPAH
  • Tidy up the channels
  • Update the rules 
  • Distribute graphics for staff and armies to use

Coolguy connected with these ideas. 

And so, Prior Bumble stepped up as equals with Coolguy and became the fourth ever CEO of the league. 

It is perhaps ironic to see Prior Bumble take an administrative position at a league which sounds so similar to his January 2020 creation, Club Penguin Warfare (CPW). There was something familiar about posting rules in the rule channel and greeting league members in the announcement channel.

But Prior Bumble’s first announcement as CEO came with a surprise. 

Prior declared that he would NOT be registering RFCP in the league.

“Having a 1ic also as a CEO can be concerning,” he said. “At this time, so that CPAWL knows I’m here for the unbiased best interest of the armies registered, I will not register RFCP unless a leader vote is passed to do so.”

This news is even more significant considering that RFCP, an army famous for its love of domineering competition, currently has no home league to contest in. 

So far, Coolguy and Prior have worked hard to revitalize a quiet server. They collaborated to refresh the league rules and judging guidelines. The chat has awoken. A tournament is in the works. CPAWL expects to release its first Top Ten on Sunday.

As for improving relations with CPAH, CEO Pookie437 expressed hesitance. CPAWL identified as an anti-CPAH league under Jtr’s leadership, and so the possibility of a partnership may have to wait. Unbanning Pookie and his co-CEO, Lucifer, was Prior Bumble’s first act with his perms, however. 

This is an exciting chapter for our Commander, but some RFCP reading may be frustrated by their leader’s promise to refrain them from the league. 

Did Prior Bumble make the right choice as a CEO? How about as an army leader?  Will CPAWL succeed under new management? What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments! 

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