Bored? Try These Top 15 RFCP Activities!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Fun, crazy, and of course RFCP-themed, reporter Pink Cloud outlines the top 15 ways to combat boredom!

1. Recruit – Recruiting is the only way the army can grow bigger and stronger, and you get Bumble Bucks, too. Check out #recruitment-coalition for recruiting schedules. For guidance on how to get started, you can also go to Colonel Anilia and Colonel Silla, our Heads of Recruitment, for more information.

2. Patrol – Patrolling is an easy way to earn 30 Bumble Bucks a day and keep all the CPPSes safe. Our new patrol warden is Lt. Da Best. Three patrols a day keeps the bungholes away.

Format for patrols ^

3. Make RFCP Art – When you are in the mood of doing something creative like painting or drawing, you can easily make some fan art related to RFCP. This also includes memes, Where is Prior, and anything you can imagine! Uncle Prior will post your art in a channel for all to admire, and sometimes Silver Thirty runs media contests!

  4. Read RFCP History or Read RFCP-U Classes – Sometimes our time zones don’t match for RFCP-U classes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot learn from them! All of the syllabuses for past RFCP-U classes are pinned in the channel. Just scroll up and read them–and if you contact Uncle Prior for a quick quiz on the class, you’ll even get credit towards your Bachelor’s Degree! Alternatively, you can read the RFCP history page if you are bored right here on our website.

5. Write Suggestions – If you are bored, think of some ways the army can improve. Think of some ideas to help RFCP and submit them to the suggestion box!

6. Complete your tasks – Complete all your tasks, like if you are a banker, update balances and stuff. If you’re on the social media team, send out some tweets. If you’re an event enforcing, start hyping for the next upcoming event!

7. Annoy Someone in the Navy – Annoy someone in the Navy! We love jokes. Note that when annoying someone, do not annoy them when they are sad. Here is an example (don’t worry, we were kidding):

Warning–you might get blocked. Phantom, can I get unblocked now

8. Watch RFCP YouTube channel – If you are bored, watch RFCP videos! We have a channel too.

9. Delete Trash from your PC –  Delete all useless things from your PC as this will make your PC faster for battles!

10. Clean your room – Here is the accurate depiction of your room right now:

You could never find I-SPY Prior in there!

11. Change your PFP or Status –  If you are bored, just change your PFP or status. Erat ipso sacra!

12. Learn Penguin Latin#chat-penguin-latin is not often used, so it’s time to learn Penguin Latin and not use that chat for chatting in English when you are muted/general chat is locked. We are the only army with our very own language! We must learn some of it. Start out here.

13.  Have VC Party – Just chill around in VC, or schedule some events. You can also watch shows on Krispy TV in the army server!

14. Eat something – Just eat something.

15. Do your homework – Because I bet you haven’t done it yet.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have some more things to do when bored, comment down below!

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