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Late last night, an anonymous informant messaged Prior Bumble. The Commander was drinking Fiji water and watching King of Queens when the unexpected DM buzzed in. This informant said they carried dangerous information. A coalition in CPAM, he/she said, had formed with the objective to “raid RFCP until they quit.”

First of all.


“Until they quit.” We invite these coalition members to look at the hardship the RFCP people have overcome in the past year and ask themselves why their alliance of 5 armies (PIC, LGA, Shadow Troops, UMA, and Warlords of the Kosmos), which collectively in one server couldn’t break 40, would spell the end of the Recon Federation.

The informant provided a link to the coalition server.

It didn’t take long for RFCP intelligence to infiltrate. What we found inside was not unexpected.

  1. Personal attack against Prior Bumble
  2. Multilogging
  3. Games (Zaidimi) making racist comments.

We do not wish to repeat the personal attacks against our leader, but they were so vulgar that even some of the coalition members, like WOK (led by former CPATG admin, Superhero123), threatened to withdraw.

The Rosea Coalition server was packed with anti-RFCP/anti-Prior belligerents, including Katsuki, Phoebe (tbh we thought she was still an RFCP Major, so this surprised us), Eva, Cob, Moshi, Manu, Emma, and Karma and Fresh, who were the alts/informants for the coalition. Fresh was beloved in the RFCP server, so much that the army made him a cousin, with a special role. We were saddened to see him abuse our trust. Karma, well. We can only assume she offered to be the alt in the server because she, you know, missed Prior (DMs are still open, baby).

LGA seems to be the pioneers behind the coalition, angered by RFCP’s recent raids. RFCP stands firm that our raids against LGA are direct responses to incessant personal attacks against us led by LGA 1ic Moshi. RFCP rarely is the first aggressor, and never in history attacked without reason. LGA attracted smaller armies in CPAM like Shadow Troops and Warlords of the Kosmos to support them, these smaller organizations being unaware of the punches LGA’s been swinging. PIC and UMA have no claim to ignorance.

We turn now to address Rosea’s multilogging:

p4530 is a penguin name on one of Games’ immeasurable open browsers
We have message ID links for all these screenshots as well.

It’s amusing that 5 armies united still need to multilog to achieve an acceptable max. Have Shadow Troops and UMA been multilogging in their other events, since they seem so familiar with it? But the irony is even sweeter in light of the fact that RFCP’s powerful 40+ maxes in battle are constantly dismissed as multilogging despite there never being a single piece of objective evidence. In fact, Prior even offered to buy Nitro for anyone who could prove that RFCP multilogs.

This is five armies combined plus multilogs:

Rosea Coalition

This is one army (dual enlistment prohibited) with no multilogs:

RFCP in March

Rosea member Eva, PIC leader (PIC tried to pull out of Rosea before we could catch em, but don’t worry, little ones. Papa’s got you), was in RFCP’s hicom channel for three months. Still no evidence of multilogging to support any of their claims.


Rosea Coalition began to fall apart after they realized RFCP outsmarted and outspied them. We banned Fresh, posted a fake event postponement announcement, and, once they realized the gig was up, scared them into dissolving.

Are they gone for good? Probably not. The obsessed leaders will likely go on or reform, but their appendages of support are reconsidering their allegiance to the parties heading the anti-RFCP effort due to toxicity.

Even LGA leader, Dino, recently posted this after the fall of the Rosea Coalition:

Two things. 1) “Losing relevancy and shrinking,” please use your counting skills and go up four screenshots to see our response to that, and 2) Prior Bumble did reach out to Dino and said he’d be willing to conference about planning a war, but Dino retreated.

So we suppose LGA does not want to 1 on 1 Prior Bumble after all?

RFCP wishes to thank the hardworking intelligence soldiers whose service was invaluable to sabotaging the Rosea Coalition threat. They were damn cool. The army also thanks the original informant from last night, whose coming forward was very brave. Thank you to the dozens of RFCP soldiers who were patient without knowing what was going on today while the divisions and hicom took care of business (you get dope blog post out of it!). Finally, we even thank Super for putting his foot down on personal attacks, which have no place in armies, but which Prior Bumble has endured for months.

Appreciate the fun, Rosea.

We end by asking the Rosea Coaltion a question, direct from Prior Bumble:

What is your favorite flower?

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