RFCP Celebrates Easter

One of RFCP’s favorite things to do is be together as a family. Celebrating holidays has always meant that to this army. Today is the first time RFCP experienced Easter Sunday! Lots of events were planned.

First, there was a Christian service in Roman’s gorgeous church igloo on Oasis. Prior, called Father Prior this morning for the occasion, presided. He read scripture, gave a sermon, renewed the congregation’s baptismal vows, and led the faithful in a hymn.

It was a joyous message of hope, and a reminder that no darkness lasts forever. “As an ordained minister,” said Prior, “and a patriarch who loves you, I offer my blessing upon you in the name of God.”

Later, the army held less religious but still festive events for those of other creeds wanting to partake in the fun and kin. They kept storytime on theme with a book about rabbits.

After, soldiers gathered for Easter dinner, dressed up in formal pastels. Powder blue tuxedos, huge flowered hats, and frills were all the rage.

Check out Hamster’s incredible flag!

There was even a kids table set up.

Lastly, everyone prepared for the HUNT! Soldiers became eggs…

And hid.

It was great fun.

A special thanks to Hamster, Secretary of Events, for making this such a spectacular day.

Happy Easter to all. May you be refreshed and filled with hope today and always.

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