Official Anthem of the RFCP Declared

We come to you this morning with incredibly exciting news!

Prior Bumble has authorized an official musical anthem of the army.

The song, “Polaris,” was composed and performed by Major Pixie. It is adaptable to both the guitar and the piano. The lyrics are offered in both English and Penguin Latin–which, by the way, is the largest piece of text Prior Bumble has ever translated for his people.

The songwriter, Pixie, said she wrote it the day CPW was attacked, to remind the enlisted about what the army truly is: a source of strength that cannot be knocked down.

The Commander, we hear, could not have been more thrilled with the surprise.

“I didn’t commission this,” he said. “It was born out of a soldier’s pure love for RFCP. And it’ll be an anthem for the love people have for this army forever more.”

During the composition, Prior only had one edit to the lyrics. Originally, “motherland” replaced “fatherland.”

“Our literature refers to RFCP land as the fatherland,” said Prior. “This has roots in our colonial history. During the colonization of DKA, we were known as the fatherland to our colonists.”

The anthem is among other important RFCP identifiers that will be added to the website’s upcoming “Nation” page, along with a list of the army’s servers and a lexicon of all the known Penguin Latin words.

Hail to our new battle hymn!

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