What’s With RFCP and Hawaiian Shirts?

It’s worth a critical look.

The army logged on to Oasis for a tropical party in the lush igloo of Colonel Hamster tonight.

Of course, to many, it seemed the event was one large lure to summon Commander Prior in his trademark Hawaiian shirt.

The blog has censored Raider, per usual.

Since he is understood to only wear two types of shirt in real life–plaid or Hawaiian–and since the spring weather fluctuates from chilly to warm in his state, a fun poll with a $10 BB reward has been running on and off all week.

Despite the weather, some soldiers remain die hard fans of one or the other.

Unfortunately, although Prior has only face revealed to Field Marshal Sha, and therefore his skin tone is NOT proven, some people are determined to pull the race card on Prior’s odd obsession with hedonistic Margaritaville attire.

We decided to take this to the next level. Unannounced, we showed up at Prior’s igloo. He groaned when he opened the door.


BLOG: What? Sick of us?

PRIOR: Can’t complain, I guess. You’re like the Fox News to my Trump.

BLOG: We’re here for the shirts.

PRIOR: Excuse me?

BLOG: We want to see the shirts, Prior.

PRIOR: My closet doesn’t need to be in this post.

But he was wrong. It did need to be in the post. Begrudgingly, he allowed our entry. We can confirm his Hawaiian shirt collection is excessive. Among the prints are: bamboo, volcanoes, fish bones, guitars, and tikis.

BLOG: May we ask what the appeal is?

PRIOR: [Shrugging] Part of my aura. Cigars and Hawaiian shirts while leaning on a wall or lounging back in a chair. Enjoying life while also being one with its pleasures.

BLOG: That was deep.

PRIOR: Ain’t that why people read this blog?

BLOG: So is that island skipper vibe connected to being Commander? Do you think it adds to your…?

PRIOR: My what?

BLOG: Like, you know.

PRIOR: Say it.

BLOG: Uh, I don’t know, the whole thing you got going. Alpha Commander Baghavan.

PRIOR: You tell me.

Hawaiian shirts have become so associated with Prior, almost from the army’s foundation, that they’re now one of the many icons representing RFCP culture. There was even an emote of Club Penguin’s green Hawaiian shirt (the one Prior usually wears in-game, as opposed to the blue) in the server.

One thing we know for sure: while everyone is holed up in quarantine, it’s good to laugh with friends and enjoy some light fun. And to us, it sounds like Prior’s repertoire is prepared for the job.

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