RFCP Channels Catch Fire, Prior Bumble Urinates Out the Flames

And we here at the RFCP blog are wondering if there’s a medal for that.

At around 6:00 p.m. EST, officers began noticing smoke in the #news channel.

Although hicom attempted to control the situation without Prior, it got out of hand. He was summoned.

By this time, the flames had spread to#general-chat, #rfcp-summit, #gallery-and-media, and even #cold-ones-with-the-boys.

Prior rushed to the scene. His fatherly instincts kicked in–the kids were in jeopardy (@toom). So to act fast, he did the first thing that came to mind, what he’d called the “God-given right of manhood” only a few days ago.

A steady stream of


Followed as well.

But the method was successful.

Prior “finished off” and looked at his achievement.

And so, it was blogged about.

We kindly request that Help Force investigate this matter promptly.

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