STOP RIGHT THERE! RFCP Opens Patrol Division

On March 20, 2020, RFCP opened its newest division: Patrol.

What is this new division?

Because RFCP originated with in-game role play, the new patrol division struck a chord with die-hard RFCP members. Since its opening only eleven days ago, 70 patrols have been conducted, making it the most popular division in the army at the moment.

Of the seventy, only two reports required further intervention from officers. Although the Patrol Division is one of the lowest clearance divisions in the army, details of those reports are classified.

Some controversy arose between the Warden, Raider, and the Commander over Commissar Opino’s patrol of Northern Lights, CPATG. Is that server ours?

“Northern Lights, CPATG, will always be ours,” said Commander Prior. The Warden’s rejection of the patrol was overruled.

“I have noticed the same peculiar detail the Commissar did,” said Prior. “CPATG presents that one user is online Northern Lights, and only Northern Lights, at all times, but I have never located the source of that. I’ve made the conclusion that that user is me. Always there. On the iceberg. Like that fateful night I stood watch.”

Patrols are not just for fun, however. Information like that mentioned above, and data on other armies’ activities on our servers (especially since we own the most populous server in existence, Blizzard, CPR), aid RFCP’s intelligence. On top of that, patrols also are logical necessities for armies participating in CPW. According to CPW rules, resources like gold, oil, lumber, stone, and silk can be stolen if at least three members from another army log onto that server for at least thirty minutes without being interrupted by the defending army. Finally, patrols instill a sense of pride and identity in RFCP’s nation.

The Warden, Brigadier Raider, gave an interview for this post.

BLOG: Brigadier Raider, Prior selected you as the Warden of the Patrol division. How did you feel when you found out this great responsibility would rest on your shoulders?


BLOG: Can you…put the emotions of that picture into words for us?

RAIDER: runs around like an excited child in a candy store

BLOG: What do you hope to see the Patrol division accomplish?

RAIDER: Being ultimate badasses and keeping RFCP lands safe.

BLOG: For soldiers interested in going on patrol, what tips to ensure optimal performance do you have for them?

RAIDER: When you enter a room, look around CAREFULLY; move your mouse cursor around in case there is someone hiding behind a crate or a rock, etc. And don’t be lazy sits back in recliner absolutely NO half-assery in my division cracks open Dr. Pepper and gulps if you wanna do a really clean sweep, check each room at least twice.

BLOG: Does having a Patrol Division make you feel patriotic towards the RFCP?

RAIDER: Yes, very patriotic.

BLOG: What do you look for when you’re reading soldiers’ patrol reports? Do you notice any trends about time of day or servers with specific activities?

RAIDER: Mostly I pay attention to the “specific activities,” like a box cult or people chanting/dancing etc., because most likely it’s a training or an enemy recruitment.

BLOG: Have you ever had to alert Prior? What is the protocol when there is a significant report? We hear a whistle (!ai 194) was just added to the equipment requirements for all patrols.

RAIDER: I’ve never had to alert him…yet. The current protocol for an alert is Code Alpha Zeta Black Doom: Alert the Warden first and the other patrols. If need be, alert the Commander. But hopefully the Warden and the rest of the patrol members will have that type of situation under control.

BLOG: There has been some discussion of reducing the patrol pay from $15 to $10, but allowing soldiers to conduct three paid patrols a day instead of two. How do you feel about this, and do you take the payment of your patrols as something of paramount concern to you?

RAIDER: It’s the same amount of money but for one more patrol. The payment isn’t of massive importance, because the safety of our servers is top priority.

BLOG: Would you find patrols worthwhile without pay?

RAIDER: I believe most soldiers care more about the safety concern than the money.

BLOG: What life skills do you hope patrol teaches our soldiers?

RAIDER: Attention span, hostile situation defusing, and I hope it’ll teach them how important our servers are to us.

BLOG: Spoken like someone who truly cares about his division. Any final comments?

RAIDER: Whenever you’re feeling down or hopeless, eat Oreo’s, seriously. They do wonders for your mentality.

So, RFCP. Ready to get out there? Report in to the RFCP #patrol and get boots on the ground today.

Let’s make sure the world knows we truly defend what’s ours.

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