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BREAKING! RFCP and ACP Merge into One Army Following Historic Meeting Between CSY and Prior Bumble [hoax debunked]

This post was confirmed an April Fool’s Day joke from both armies.

Today, on April 1, 2020, something occurred in Club Penguin army history that shook the very foundation of two of its most powerful and aggressive entities.

RFCP and ACP have agreed to merge into one new army, the AFCP (Army Federation of Club Penguin Recon).

We didn’t ask, we demanded to speak with Prior about the news that will surely shock the soldiers, and maybe outrage some.

BLOG: Prior…what the hell?

PRIOR: Why don’t you try starting that sentence again.

BLOG: Prior…what…happened?

PRIOR: RFCP and ACP may have been the biggest rivalry in Club Penguin armies, but CSY and I have been working on our foreign relations for months. Talks kept happening, and we both got more and more tired of the tension and saw more and more potential in combining our strength. I don’t command quietly. Whatever I do, it’s to be historic.

BLOG: But how will soldiers possibly merge? There’s a lot of animosity.

PRIOR: Our hicoms are working together. We want this to be a smooth transition, maybe even one that teaches harmony.

BLOG: Will there be a new Discord server?

PRIOR: Yes, we’re working on it now.

BLOG: How will this work out with ranks?

PRIOR: Equivalent, or close to equivalent, ranks will be distributed.

BLOG: And you’ll still be Commander?

PRIOR: I will be Commander–sharing the 1ic with CSY.

BLOG: Will there be story time still?

PRIOR: Of course! More crowded, but as loving as always!

BLOG: Does this make you an ACP 1ic, and CSY an RFCP 1ic?

PRIOR: We’re AFCPR 1ics. But…I’ll let the philosophers debate your last question.

Readers, we are as speechless as you. What will this mean? We expect many more news posts to address this development and encourage you for now to stay strong, calm, and reach out to officers for greater clarification.

Erat ipso…defend freedom, preserve justice…sacra.

Credit: Koloway


Now that RFCP branding is available, RPF has decided to adopt it.


RFCP was taken over by monkeys.

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