New Website, New Events, New You!

The only thing more shocking than a new RFCP website is the fact that Commander Prior did it all by himself.

Yes. RFCP soldiers call their Papa Prior a bit of a boomer. Notoriously, technology like Discord bots, cpps coding, and, you know, basic email are not his strengths. So how did a whole new website come out of his laptop?

“Let me be honest with you,” said Prior. “Ninety percent of this is me calling WordPress customer service twice a day to have them walk me through things.”

“And it doesn’t stop there. I even got into a fight with one of them about technology being too new.”

But there was logic behind Prior’s affiliation for “older” WordPress themes. His goal was to make RFCP’s website resemble those of armies from the OG days of warfare. The exact theme he wanted to remodel the website with, though, turned out to be retired.

“I wanted Digg 3 theme. That’s the theme all the classic 2007, 2008, etc. armies used, including the website of the PRA.”

The next closest theme still available was the one he chose, Default. But it didn’t end there.

From then on, with the help of YouTube tutorials, Google, and the customer service reps who quickly associated him with a cranky old man, Prior used CSS coding to customize the site’s background and header. He even added the news ticker plug-in himself. This wasn’t free, of course–everything you see here is due to an upgrade Prior paid for. He’d been looking at doing the remodel for a while, but found the plan too expensive. Then there was a 20% off sale.

“I just hope that everyone likes it,” said Prior. “The blog is really the heart of the army. They love the blog.”

With a whole lotta new website to love, the army celebrates other “firsts” in RFCP. Last week, RFCP held its first ever U-Lead event, which allowed soldiers of any rank to lead a training for five minutes at a time. Although U-Leads are common among today’s armies, traditionally RFCP hicom, mainly Prior, keep the leading reins close to the chest. This event was a surprise for the Recon Federation. Soldiers stepping up to lead included Sgt. Microwaveable Hamster, Ice Corporal XxDevinxX, and Captain Pixie.

Other offbeat events lately included a scavenger hunt, Scribblio, Hell’s Kitchen, a coronavirus task force meeting, prom night (in honor of high school seniors who won’t get to have one now), Pi Day Party, and even, uh, a raid of Prior’s fridge (no photo provided; it was too traumatic).

What’s to come in the future? Who knows with this army. But Prior did have one prediction.

“Remember that power outage RFCP had a week or so ago? I think we’ll definitely see a baby boom…”

And with the maxes RFCP’s been witnessing lately, his prediction doesn’t sound too far off indeed.

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  2. So excited to see the things that we do next!

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