The Retirement of Prior Bumble

Soldiers of RFCP, 

This is your Commander speaking, for his last post as 1ic of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. 

We knew this day would come, as hard as it is for both you and me. For the past 48 hours I have been working hard to make this transition as easy on my home as possible. I have been preparing Commissar Opino in DMs every evening. I have been compiling a database that can assure we don’t have to lose our family once armies totally perish. I have left every server except RFCP, which will be my last. 

Ten years ago, little Prior met a man named CollinZfresh in an igloo. Ten years ago, he became second in command of the People’s Republic Army. He idolized his leader. 
The life that passed between then and now was hard. And one June day, he brushed off his helmet and felt the call for something greater. 

Complete, pure chance, something miraculous, assured that after a 10 year disappearance, I caught the last year of existence for Club Penguin armies. To finish the legacy of Prior Bumble. 

What is that legacy?

Prior Bumble is RFCP. Full blooded. 

He refused to no-show RPF when we were 3 weeks old, and made sure RFCP never no-showed a battle since. He refused to merge when we were 4 weeks old. He refused to step down from the helm when RFCP was attacked and tortured. He, alone, refused to leave the sacred ground of the iceberg at Northern Lights to our enemies, keeping watch for 5 hours. He refused to collapse to defamation. He never considered reforming. He never apologized for RFCP. He never surrendered.

I ask to be remembered as:

  • The founder and first Commander of the RFCP
  • The father of CPW
  • Its first Admin
  • The man voted best leader by allies and leagues
  • The brother of Cena (Pretzels 1ic), Edu (EGCP 1ic), and Sage (Mopia 1ic) 
  • The papa of his soldiers
  • The patriarch of his home
  • The OG veteran and 2ic of the PRA
  • The ruler of Northern Lights (everywhere) and Blizzard (CPR)
  • The hyperdominant, flirtatious alpha (eyyy)
  • The revolutionary who shook armies from the day I set foot in it again
  • The only opponent of ACP in the modern age (yeah, that’s right–it was me logged into Xing’s account leading the Templars against you, ACP). Hell I even made it a few days longer than you, Koloway.
  • The storm of aggression and forgiveness, temper and love
  • A man who relished his absolute power. But who tried to use it with heart.

I follow the footsteps of CollinZfresh upon his retirement, of Oagalthorp whom I knew and fought with. I design my own end, which no one has forced me or intimidated me into. As I looked up to CollinZfresh and was inspired to take his place a decade later, I hope I am that model to some of you. In your youth. In the beautiful life ahead of you. I hope I was a positive father figure, an example of a strong man and husband, a demonstration of a firm leader with sacrifice and a good deal of darkness. Maybe you will think of me as you face challenges years from now, and what I taught you, what I made you feel, as I never forgot Collin. 

This is only the beginning of RFCP. I am excited to hear of its next chapters. I want to see it maxing 60 one day, easily. Stay in the fight. Do not lay down arms because of this post. Rage. Rain fire. Fight on Flash. Fight on HTML. Gnor ly’at fjor. 

I plan to write the history of Club Penguin Armies in a published and academic format under the name of Prior Bumble, my true self. If anyone considers themselves knowledgeable in its history from 2007-2020, please feel contact me on Discord to be a part of this project (I’ll allow friends to DM me, but will only leave the ghost of me anywhere else).With this book, I will immortalize this community and our story–leaders, armies, wars, and true psychological and social history–to the world.  

Please remember me. Defend me. Press forward for me. Speak of me to new recruits. Hold me in the heart of RFCP. Some retire because they’ve lost interest. This is not the case with me. RFCP is my life. My everything. My reason for pushing myself off the mattress and stumbling into the real world I’m still making sense of. I stood tall here. 6’2″? 6’1″? I still won’t confirm, but I will still voice reveal, so you will hear from me on the RFCP podcast Colonel Sha is launching.

I bless and authorize Commissar Opino3 as my successor and 2nd Commander of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. As per the condition of his promotion, I name General Redbackwards the next 2ic, Commissar, of the army. I pass the staff of the Grey Polar Bears to Opino, but decided he will receive his own with a shaving of the wood from mine. I will keep the rest of mine. Because I can’t retire the feeling of being your guardian. It will always remind me that I am.

My sons and daughters. You forever will be a soldier of Prior Bumble. I am not gone. The war still thunders in me. I love you all with my whole heart. I love you more than I can understand. 

Erat ipso sacra.

Sch’ock sum nuvar.

Er feut dre ulm. So much.

Commander Prior Bumble #7593


CMDR. PRIOR WILL LEAD HIS LAST BATTLE TONIGHT AT 7:00 P.M. EST AGAINST THE PRETZELS. JOIN HIM. Retirement does not mean losing his title; continue to address him as such out of respect.

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