Twelve Years Ago on this Date, Prior Bumble Retired from the PRA

I remember my decision like it was yesterday. And I remember I didn’t retire because I no longer wanted to be in the PRA. I retired because I wanted to be in it too much. I didn’t turn in my resignation to CollinZfresh because I didn’t love my job. I loved it too much.

I loved the power so much I gave it up.

Ten long years passed. Ten.

Think about that.

Sometimes I thought about what Club Penguin armies made me feel. Sometimes I Googled their names. Collin. Glippy. Prior Bumble. But I always closed out…moved on…

I never thought I’d be back here. After ten long years.


But I’m glad I am.

Thank you, Collin.

Thank you, People’s Republic Army.

Thank you, 12-year-old little Prior, for challenging yourself to be a 2ic, so that ten years later, you could be a better 1ic.

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