The CPW Inaugural Tournament

RFCP joined the Spanish-based Penguin Army Force (PAF), PZF, and PCP in signing up for Club Penguin Warfare’s Inaugural Tournament, which took place January 11-12, 2020. The army’s journey to the gold was bumpy.

For a few days, anticipation that the tournament would pack a major punch that included armies like Help Force and EGCP–bringing the total signups to an impressive six–drew attention. But while these two armies originally pledged the likelihood of their participation, internal conflicts forced them to withdraw, much to the frustration of the CPW Admins. Nobody expected, however, PCP to follow suit. In the days leading up to the competition, PCP leader Cena enjoyed bantering with Prior Bumble about whose name would be on the first place trophy–and Cena swore it’d be Pretzels.

A less confident leader was R3tro, PZF 1ic, who hesitated on the signup trigger until the Thursday before. PZF, which typically maxes 5-7, has not joined a tournament contest since the 2019 CPA Summer Circuit in June. Realistic aversion to loss against larger armies keeps PZF lying low. Nonetheless, with an arena of only four, PZF saw value in the activity and stepped up to the plate. The brackets were designed.

Then tragedy struck PCP. Buddy, who shared the 1ic position with Cena and boasted a status as PCP Legend, deserted the army and dragged three highly regarded PCP insurgents with him. The Pretzels were shook, and apologetically informed the league that they were in no emotional state to skirmish. Unfortunately, this created a lopsided competitive tree.

RFCP met PAF in battle at the semifinals first, where the soldiers in blue dominated with an 18 max lead.

The “last time” Commander Prior referred to is when RFCP bested PCP in their hyped practice battle for the “Golden Pizza” on January 4th, where RFCP maxed 25.

PAF, however, admitted to struggling in their showing at the Inaugural Tournament semifinals. They maxed 11, and forfeited in the Stadium, the second room.

The event itself was a victory for CPW. It proved that the new league’s very own Flash cpps (a partner to the league’s upcoming HTML5 mobile cpps), only a week old, stood functional amidst almost 30 spamming users and bystanders.

An hour later, PZF showed for the required ten minutes to claim victory over the PCP dropouts. Commander Prior enjoyed debuting his official Admin attire as he observed the pizza bois stretch their legs on the new cpps.

RFCP soldiers eagerly inquired about the lore behind the eyepatch, to which Prior replied he’d dropped hints about it before. The blog offers a reminder, nonetheless. Commander Prior has worn an eyepatch when he is not wearing sunglasses ever since late October, to symbolize his battle wounds in the War of No Return.

He got sentimental at his first CPW event as an Admin.

With PCP not showing for the 3rd place match the following day, PAF scored an easier win than anyone desired for the bronze. PZF confronted RFCP in the finals, however, with a max of 6 to RFCP’s rather lukewarm 15. What is significant about this is that PZF reported the first technical bugs of the tournament, claiming that 5-6 members struggled to make a CPW account due to an error. 1 RFCP soldier, Corporal October Leigh, reported an identical issue. Had those problems not occurred, the numbers would have been 16 RFCP and a whopping 11-12 PZF, something the gluten-laden army has not seen in ages.

The battle was fun, with Commander Prior’s most popular tactic being the staged storytime with Papa Prior where he read the tale of the “Sad Pepperoni.” Both armies teased each other about their first battle–RFCP’s first official army combat–where Prior behaved as a leader of old, throwing only snowballs and charging into PZF. That the two Federations cumulated their relationship from that starting point to this fight for the gold was nostalgic for both.

CPW Admin Jamie declared RFCP the 3-0 winner. Prior and R3tro’s concluding exchanges in the #battle-room were tender.

So while RFCP takes the gold, to many, the real accomplishment seems to rest with PZF, who won the silver. R3tro said, “[This tournament] helped in cementing the idea that were no longer a 3-5 max army.” CPW was proud to provide the incentive that boosted the confidence, morale, success, and even numbers of a small army, which, in turn, boosts the health of the Club Penguin warring community as a whole.

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