Arne’s Special Gift to RFCP

RFCP’s dear friend, and my secretary at CPW, Arne, has written an amazing story for RFCP’s wide collection of lore. Prior loved it and hope you will too. It’s offered below exactly as composed by Arne. Thank you, Arne, for making our culture even richer! We love you.

Colonel Runeard “Sanders” Bumble

Prior Bumble was walking Arne down the hall of his igloo. Arne was hungry, so Prior decided to show him his igloo while he waited for the pizza to be done. Prior had a special family recipe that was passed down from generation to generation. Arne looked at a painting, the first of a long line.

“Who is he, Uncle Prior?” asked Arne.

“Colonel Sanders. Runeard ‘Sanders’ Bumble, the first Bumble to live on CPW island,” answered Prior Bumble, with nostalgia.

Runeard Bumble (RUNE-AHRD), also known as Colonel Sanders Bumble, is the great great great great great great great grandfather of Prior Bumble. Not a lot is known about Runeard’s childhood, but rumors say he cooked the animals and edible materials that were brought by his local community. There he may have developed the famous Piscium Recipe, with up to eleven possible spices to work with.

However, something would shake (quite literally) his life forever, and the rest of generations until today. Legend says an earthquake shattered his local community, somewhere near Ushuaia, Argentina. Runeard somehow survived by being stranded in a big iceberg and eating the fish he found on the way, until many days later, maybe even months, he found land. And a smoke trail, coming from the very same island.

Runeard swam towards the land, leaving the Iceberg as a sacred place for him. The island had berries, which he collected, alongside wheat and some plants that he turned to dust with some pressure. Afterwards he packed some in his jacket. He found where the fire came from, and sneaked up from the bushes. There were other Penguins, dancing around the fire while some drums were being banged. 

Their faces were painted, their kindness seemed almost none, wearing brown leather clothing, or something similar, they maybe even looked hungry, but Runeard was scared. His jacket was filled with sand, so he scratched his back. A little too much. Eventually he was noticed by one of the Indian looking Penguins, and the banging was interrupted. A female penguin with a horn blew through it, and then shouted: 


Runeard was left on the run, and he grabbed some cheese while escaping. Runeard luckily found a small cave with coal, and some wood nearby. Using the coal and the wood he settled down a fireplace, and he mixed the wheat with some water from a near river, then warmed it in the fire. He took out the dusted plants and added it to the mix, trying to do the Piscium Recipe with it. While he only had berries, he tried to use them alongside the cheese, by placing it in the mix.

The mix was turned into dough, and he placed the slow cooked berries on top. He took a bite. It tasted delicious. He decided to leave it for later, and go exploring. The small cave Runeard had found was connected to a bigger cave, and there was some plain terrain nearby. There was room for more caves nearby. He returned back to the river nearby his cave, and attempted to fish with his jacket. No luck. 

Eventually Runeard Bumble saw that there was a lot of noise going back in his safe cave space. The Penguins had found his small cave, but they were more calmed now. Now they actually were celebrating. The Native Female Penguin approached him, and showed Runeard that the tribe was celebrating. She pointed out the Piscium Recipe, which was almost totally eaten. The rest of the natives pointed at him, leaving Runeard a little confused.

Eventually he figured out that they wanted some of that food he made. After being taught a little bit of their language, and teaching them proper english, he decided to start selling them the Piscium Recipe. It was too hard to pronounce for them, so he renamed it to Fish Dish, and later to Pizza. Runeard married the Native Leader, Yatzil, setting down the Bumble family tree in the new island, which would be called Club Penguin Island.

Runeard developed severe Hypothermia, so he didn’t had the blood of fighting like his successors, but he wouldn’t need to do so, luckily. Wars would come further down the line, but Runeard Bumble had a peaceful life. Runeard received a honorable role as Colonel because of his importance in our history. His nickname, Sanders, originated because he always liked to relax at the beach.

Runeard’s travel triggered the Great Bumble Migration, after they started searching for him, following the fish wastes he threw in another iceberg, surviving orca and shark until it sank, but the other bumbles would help him to build the Pizza Parlor in the cave he used to survive. They all started setting up a better Island for everyone, and the place we all know today started to take shape.

Colonel Sanders Bumble would live a peaceful life, founding the Pizza Parlor by creating the Piscium Recipe/Fish Dish and bringing the Bumble Lineage to Club Penguin Island. Runeard was a kind man, looking forward to help the community, that are known in Club Penguin Island, such as the Lighthouse, and the Pizza Parlor. Runeard “Sanders” Bumble died at age 87, because of breathing complications.

“Colonel Sanders Bumble was a accomplished man. But what happened to the Piscium Recipe?” asked Arne.

“You are going to try it right now,” answered Prior Bumble, taking the Pizza out of the oven.

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