An Interview with Uncle Shad

If you’ve been hanging around the RFCP Discord server, you’re sure to have noticed Shad. Yes, he is a busy man in the army community–the CEO of CPANN, moderator at Help Force, and, most exciting to us, Admin alongside Prior at Club Penguin Warfare–but in RFCP, he’s something much different. He’s not there to work. He’s not writing up an article. He’s just family.

RFCP, like Manhattan, has been called the “army that never sleeps.” Our diverse and happy community keeps the chats active at literally every hour, and the fact that Shad fits so comfortably in that community is a special pleasure of our culture. In fact, Prior and Shad have such respect for each other, Prior even named him Guardian of the server–temporary Admin–before he left on temporary leave in November, which was effective until Prior returned. Shad wears the light purple color of the Guardian role, but when we sat down to interview him, we began our discussion with a question about his favorite RFCP title.

1. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed! RFCP calls you “Uncle Shad.” You even have the “Uncle” role that Cena does. What does that mean to you?

It means so much to me! When I joined the RFCP server it was to mainly get the inside scoop of all the toxicity that I kept hearing about. So I joined to do an undercover report about everything, but instead I got accepted into a true family. Truly reminds me of Shadow Troops a little bit in the early days because of how it feels to be here. I never could have imagined that I would find another family again. Being here has helped me a lot and then when I jokingly added Uncle to my name I never would have thought I would become an actual Uncle of RFCP.

2. You actually are, and we love that so much. Speaking of Shadow Troops, you’re quite the veteran. In fact, you are the only person we know of that had heard of Prior Bumble (and maybe even attended a few of the same battles) way back in 2008. What sort of perspective do army veterans have that new generation soldiers might not?

Well we have the knowledge of how we use to battle back then. Like we didn’t used to even really do joke bombs, clovers, faces, etc. A lot of that concept was founded later on. We also have our own ways of recruiting that I love to keep teaching everyone. Most just stand there with catchphrases, spamming the Army name, etc. However, back then I used to try and create a friend group and after having them I would then recruit them and since they became my friend it was much easier to persuade them in.

3. Oh we are very familiar with the learning curve Prior had to make after the first PZF battle (we outnumbered by 2, but Prior didn’t know what tactics were). You do a lot in armies now, to help improve the community across many political lines. But at some point everyone wants something for themselves. ARE there personal motives in you beyond assisting the greater good?

Honestly, there is no personal motives for me surprisingly. I have done everything that I truly wanted personally after 2016. Everything now is just for Armies themselves. I just wanna make sure that after I leave that Armies are banded back together and all united again as well as the toxicness is gone as well. I know there is no way to get rid of all of it, but at least most of it.

4. So you support the goals of the recently-defunct Great Divide server (merging all army leagues)?

I do indeed. I have been a part of many meetings in the past since March of 2019. It’s a going to be a lot of work, but I feel that after each meeting we get closer and closer. This past one was the closest we have gotten towards that goal.

5. Will CPW be treated equally in those talks under your Administration (congratulations btw!)?

Yes, as a CPW Admin I will make sure that CPW is held with the same standards as the rest. I can’t say too much about the continuation of these meetings, but I will say this. CPOAC held a meeting yesterday roughly around 4:30pm EST/1:30pm PST and I believe that the Great Divide Meeting really put some retrospect in CPOAC. There were lots of changes made as well some progress in it. With that said I do respect what CPOAC as well as what Epic has said and I hope everything works out for the best with CPOAC Respectively.

6. You’re a tireless delegate. On a lighter note, tell us: What was the most fun you’ve had with RFCP so far?

Oh boy, I would probably say getting to know all of you. From having the guys night to getting to know Phoebe everything has been great. I know Phoebe and I just had a fallout, but these were my most fun times so far and can’t wait for many more.

7. There has definitely been some funny controversy over the secret #cold-ones-with-the-boys channel in RFCP–mainly because there is no channel just for girls. Lieutenant Chad argues that RFCP main IS the girls’channel though. Settle the dispute now for us, Shad. Many are waiting to hear YOUR decisive word. #cold-ones-with-the-girls channel, or no?

If we had to make a channel it would be called #the-whiteclaw-hangout. Although I agree RFCP-after-dark/main would be the girls’ channel because they are the main ones that talk there


which they are currently discussing girl stuff right now in both channels as we are talking right now

8. LOL exactly. And the boys just want to crack some cold ones.

This has been an awesome interview but we just have one more question for you…

From RFCP to Uncle Shad, thanks for being part of our home.

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