Liftoff! RFCP Names its First “Red Baron” to Head the Air Force

Badge of the Red Baron

On Saturday, December 15th, RFCP named its first ever Red Baron, head of the RFCP Air Force (EU Division). The rank is equivalent in position to General and Admiral, and the selection for this position came from Prior himself. Opino3 accepted the honor.

Formerly a Captain, Opino3 has been working tenaciously at recruiting the EU up to maxes of 8-10. Its first event on Friday, December 13, maxed 9.

The special ceremony to name the Red Baron was announced without warning and the purpose of the gathering was to remain a mystery to the attenders until the last moment. Normally, RFCP holds its sacred ceremonies either at the cove, around the fire, or on the–erat ipso sacra!–iceberg. Because of a festival on Penguin Oasis, the cove was defaced with pizza boxes and crumbs. Prior ordered RFCP to the iceberg instead.

They opened their maps, and stumbled upon….

An RPF/ACP branch war.

RFCP stood right in the middle, stunned speechless for a moment. And then, Prior said, “Soldiers of RFCP. Prepare to fight.”

We joined the battle.

A vexed Koloway slid into Commander Prior’s DMs.

Intruding an RPF/ACP battle made a few soldiers uncertain. RFCP officers, including soon-to-be Red Baron Opino, ordered them to stand firm.

An impressive max of 12 RFCP (given this event was afforded 5 minutes’ notice) offered bold and unexpected opposition to the branches.

After having its fill of the battlefield, RFCP moved to another source of fire–the lodge–and announced Opino3 as the new Red Baron. Commander Prior presided as Captain Hamsterlover sponsored Opino for the officer’s oath. She passed him the officer sword, and he gripped it with pride.

With this new appointment, all three divisions of the Recon Federation are administrated, functional, and ready for combat.

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