RFCP Command Room Gains Outside Hire

RFCP pushes forward into a new era following the last officially declared historic period, the Dark Age. This depression saw the officers of the RFCP halved from 8 to 4, bitter departures, and hindered morale (read more about The Dark Age under the RFCP History tab). However, the army has turned a corner this evening as it looks to progress into its next phase, which Prior Bumble calls Reconstruction.

“The era must provide remedies to our past injury,” said Commander Prior, “ushering in creative and groundbreaking advancements as did the RFCP Renaissance.”

The RFCP Renaissance of July 2019 saw the composition of the Constitution, Col. Boi’s memorial, and the Feddie Awards. Many believe it solidified the identity of the army after the ally-heavy feud known as the War of Smoke and Sour.

Now, only a few lumbering steps past the Dark Age, RFCP high command set their goals on pursuing army projects of a monumental nature that would positively define the new era.

“Reconstruction,” said Prior, “will be an era of productivity and innovation. It is the regathering of the best the army has to offer, and the process of rebounding stronger and more plentiful than before.”

While projects and directions similar to the Constitution were still being discussed, the actual first sentence of the new era came as a shock.

That first sentence was SWAG PENGU1N.

Devout readers of the RFCP blog may be familiar with the name. Before RFCP was an official army, it met and operated with SWAG PENGU1N, CEO of Omega Security, a company on CPR dedicated to intelligence gathering across all Club Penguin CPPSes. To the hardened army veteran, such an organization may seem irrelevant or even falsified. But they would be wrong.

Ever since temporarily partnering with pre-CPA RFCP, SWAG PENGU1N and his accomplice, Little Bird, have kept a pulse on the army. Astoundingly, Little Bird showed up to the funeral of Col. Boi without being told by Prior or anyone in the army of what had happened, or even the time of the event. Further, on CPR, SWAG PENGU1N was aware of the Peninsula Wars and congratulated Prior on his victory the day it happened. Likewise, he expressed sympathies for the “open letter” the day after it was posted, always to a mystified Commander Prior.

Clearly, eyes are on the inside. But those eyes have been benevolent and curious, like martians studying a foreign race they wish to learn of, but not harm.

Little Bird is not a stranger to Prior’s PM’s, and recently, he arrived in the #general-chat, where Prior demanded complete silence from all other typers as they engaged in dialogue. For months, Little Bird and Prior have hesitantly discussed ideas, current events, and SWAG’s potential enlistment. “Fly on, Little Bird,” Prior would say. Almost always, Little Bird’s flight pattern indeed landed him curiously in the RFCP Discord just when major things were occurring, such as during the massive debate in the army over Kailey310’s return.

Some examples of the conversations between Prior and Little Bird below.

In many ways, Omega Security is part of the unusually deep lore of RFCP and its pre-war roots.

The company, while poorly understood even by Prior, is clearly a significant force, and SWAG PENGU1N has acted as its popular frontman.

After five months of discussions, several long meetings in Prior’s office, and cautious but admiring nods at one another, SWAG PENGU1N accepted Prior’s offer to enlist in the RFCP as an officer.

“Part of the solution to the internal conflicts of RFCP, I knew, was an outside hire,” Prior said. “The army needed to be revived with talent completely external of its former affairs. I have been interviewing veterans in search of a new, strong face to fill the vacancy of our command room. But SWAG PENGU1N always has been in the back of my mind.”

On October 2, 2019, at Swag’s request to avoid fanfare, he was sworn into the army in Prior’s office and, later, as Colonel on the RFCP Discord to raucous shock and applause from the soldiers who know him well.

Col. Swag has sworn no ulterior motive (for Omega or otherwise) to serving in RFCP, and considers it “a noble second job.” Col. Swag said, “I want to help rebuild.”

Per the agreement between the Commander and the new Colonel, the rank of General will not be offered unless Col. Swag can commit 100% of his efforts and game time to RFCP. Little Bird and Omega Security watch on, seemingly without much opinion either way.

One thing now is for certain: RFCP morale is booming, the chats are buzzing without tension, and excitement abounds for Col. Swag raising the RFCP officer count back to five.

RFCP wishes dear friend, Cena, a happy birthday. On this same day, it wishes Pookie of RPF, the blog’s #1 fan, a blessed birthday as well.

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