An Interview with Corporal Raider

Raider’s story in RFCP is a unique one, and the blog sat down with him to get the straight account.

What we do know about the infamous Raider is his fantastic contributions to the army with his artwork:

Raider is also one of the most RFCP-patriotic and passionate soldiers to date. Upon his recent promotion, he said:

And his story, in his own words:

RFCP is what Raider considers his “true” first army, and hopefully [his] only. Raider first joined RFCP around the army’s early days, but left very early because he did not know how armies worked and didn’t want to be in that community. Weeks later, Raider saw an LGA recruiter and said he was interested; he rose to the rank of Major in the army, but near the end of The Peninsula Wars, he had lost faith in LGA and decided RFCP would make him feel hopeful. Raider had a decent relationship with Prior and some officers. Thankfully, Prior welcomed him to RFCP. He served in the remainder of the Peninsula Wars until some drama was raised where Raider had insulted Prior and was banished. He was angry but, was also very sad. He knew he was wrong, but also knew he would be even worse if he didn’t apologize. Raider did so, and thanks to Prior’s massive heart, was welcomed back. Raider has not had a serious outburst since.

Most recently, Prior accepted Raider’s request to become apprentice of the Commander. That is to say, Raider wishes to learn how to be a CPA leader and sought private lessons and knowledge from his Commander. However, he swore to never use the mentoring Prior gives him to defect and form a new army while Prior is still active.

Let’s hear what Corporal Raider has to say in response to our questions about life in RFCP and on “the other side.”

Q: Let’s not beat around the bush. You jumped ship from RFCP’s biggest nemesis, LGA, and joined the army. Why?

A: LGA was suffering defeat after defeat, so I left them and joined RFCP. [They] may look at me as a coward for that, but I am a coward no longer.

Q: Is there anything that LGA and RFCP have in common that would surprise our readers?

A: Uhhhh, we both have hot girls… and sunglasses… that’s ’bout it…

Q: What was the biggest culture change from LGA to RFCP?

A: RFCP is more militaristic and serious; I feel like apart of an actual army here, and that’s just the way I like it.

Q: Recently, you became Prior’s apprentice. What is this and what does it mean to you?

A: It is a HUGE honor to learn under him. I feel like I will be passing off a legacy that was long dead for over a decade, all the way back to the PRA and CollinZfresh. I have already learned so much from him and I can’t wait to learn more.

Q: What are your special skills that you contribute to the RFCP family?

A: Well, I’m likable, kinda, but I do carry out orders (usually) and do it very well; I also think I am very fast with executing tactics.

Q: Tell us about how you share Commander Prior’s love of history.

A: History is what made the world what it is today, and it should teach us mistakes. I usually like to learn about the 19th century and the Spanish conquest of the New World.

Q: How do you think Prior’s love of history impacts the atmosphere of RFCP?

A: His knowledge of history and military history helps him make the army better, by knowing how a true army should act.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Fucking hell, I don’t know. Blue, red, orange, those three, but pretty much aqua blue.

Q: What has RFCP taught you?

A: RFCP has taught me how to be more of a people person, and a leader. It taught me I could be important.

Q: Anything else you wish to say?

RFCP is about equality, pretty much. Sic semper tyrannis. (Motto of Virginia: Thus always to tyrants)

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