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Easter Message 2023

NOTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–From the desk of Prior Bumble, the army receives am Easter address.

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Sons and Daughters, 

Happy Easter! I write to you today from my desk with a message of love in the hopes that it feeds and nourishes you in some way. If you call this army home, you are indeed precious in not only my sight but all of our members. We are family. 

Many of you probably had religious obligations recently. For our Christian soldiers, today is Easter Sunday and that means jamming into a packed church to check the spiritual duty off your list. For our Jewish soldiers, Passover occurred recently. And our Muslim brethren observed Ramadan. 

Your Commander is no exception, although I admit my feelings for religion are complex and unique. This morning I sat in the very last pew and waited for a Roman Catholic service to begin. As the altar boys lit the candles and the bell tolled for the beginning of the Mass my pew was empty still, other than me. 

About five minutes in, however, an elderly man sat at the end of my pew. He had a cane and slumped forwards against the back of the next pew. For almost the entire time, his hand covered his face. He never spoke, sang, or kneeled. 

Fifteen minutes passed. Another five. I glanced over at him and saw no change. Hand still over his face. 

The pastor commenced the part of the service where he asks the congregation to pray for certain things: Pope Francis, the newly converted, etc. The congregation always responds, “Lord, hear our prayer.”

Still the man said nothing as the prayers went by.  

Then, the pastor said, “Let us pray for those who are lost, that they may find their way safely home.”

In a loud voice, the man spoke. “Lord, hear our prayer.”

And for the rest of the Mass, he did not speak again. 

I could be wrong. But if I had to guess, I’d say that man was in church thinking of someone he lost. Or maybe how he was lost himself. 

I prayed for that man. I prayed for all those in the world feeling lost or forgotten. Those lost from safety, from belonging. I prayed for those who became lost from the love of our army willingly or unwillingly. I prayed for you.

Today is a beautiful spring day in Virginia. My three bee hives are buzzing and the grass seeds scattered in my back yard are bursting with little sprouts of green. 

As our ancestors did thousands of years ago, we must appreciate this season of renewal, and see it as an opportunity to bring life to all the dead things inside of us and help the lost to come home and start again. 

Reach out to someone who might be lost today. And believe my promise that you belong just as you are, and refuge is yours if you only take my hand and the hands of those who cherish you. 

We’ve enjoyed Easter dinners in years past as an army. Although that’s not currently on the schedule, I hope my words and my affection in this post are food for your soul and goodness you can feast upon. I hope I am a home to you. 

And for the lost, may they find the path into light and acceptance on this sunny and blessed Easter. 

Erat ipso sacra. 

Commander Prior Bumble 

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