A Burning–Er, Freezing Question About Ridge Run

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA– One of the fatherland’s highest points has been hiding a mystery all along. What could it be?

For most penguins in Ukahala–the fatherland of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)–the Ski Hill serves as one of the best lookout points for taking in the scenery of our beautiful home. For others, it is a symbol of past achievements, from the time you beat your friends in a Sled Racing tournament to the time Field Marshal DJChorusKid obtained the Silver Bear medal by causing an avalanche and taking down a rival team amidst a practice battle.

No matter what the location means to you, there has always been something special there. However, in all of these positive memories, there is something unusual lurking. It’s never been noticed–until now, that is.

Take a look at the Ridge Run sign at the top of this blog. The Ridge Run course on its own is perfectly fine, but look closely at the area behind the sign. See the white area? It’s… um…what is it?

Well, that’s the problem. What even IS that white patch? It looks like it might be snow at a first glance, but the way it hangs off of the sign and doesn’t drape entirely over it shows that it may very well be something else, like a cloud. The conundrum was first observed when Col. Randomplayer pointed out his observations in a patrol report.

Commissar Hamsterlover argued that the mystery blob was indeed a cloud in the #patrol channel, as it would also be the only sign to have snow on it, which doesn’t make much sense. 

Could it actually be a cloud? It slightly connects to the bigger cloud in the background and provides an explanation as to why it looks like it’s behind the sign. However, it is extremely lumpy, looking uncanny when compared to the softness of the other clouds. Perhaps it isn’t a cloud or some built-up snow, but something completely different? Although we have no way of finding out for sure, the members of RFCP may have some insight on what the white blob really is.

Prior Bumble#7593: I say snow. I think because it’s a lot bumpier than the other clouds in the background.

HamsterloverL#1175: Well I mean at first I thought it was snow given the context but well it could also be the cloud.  Given the fact it isn’t on the other posts and it’s right where the cloud is, and isn’t in the right shape overlapping the sign I think it’s the cloud not the snow. But it is a weird shape even for the cloud…

Exsavitator#2648: Defo not a cloud, and that’s usually not how snow works. Seems like someone dumped some sort of white foam on top of it.

DUSK#9569: Tbh it’s a cloud, since the snow is on one side of the sign and not on both, and there are no laws of physics to explain the snow staying up there.. (Disclaimer: DUSK’s answer was paraphrased a lot for clarity.)

Mee6 was also asked, although their answer was withheld due to me not having Mee6 AI. Sadly, I don’t plan to get it, so they will remain unintelligible.

While the members of the server may not be able to settle on a definitive answer, there was a slight consensus toward it being a cloud behind the sign. Personally, I think it could be either a cloud or some snow since while it appears to be behind the sign like a cloud, it is also angled perfectly enough to be a pile of snow on the sign. Only time will tell if this mystery ever is solved…

Post Edit Addition

And that time is… now! A bit after this blog was drafted and almost ready for publishing, Djchoruskid made a discovery online which answered the perplexing question posed above. As the Warden whose division channel this was first brought up in, Field Marshal Djchoruskid decided to delve into the history of the Ski Hill,in hopes of solving the mystery once and for all. 

After finding photos from many editions of the Ski Hill, Dj found what he was looking for: Undisputable proof as to the identity of the mysterious substance.

As Dj scanned the photos, he saw that a bit of the object was shown to be in front of the mullet (fish) posted upon the hill in the 2008 Water Party in the OG Club Penguin (you are missed).

Dj hastened into the messages of RandomPlayer10 to share the news of this discovery.

Fish are the answer to every problem.

So ends the debate of whether this was a cloud, or if it was snow.

What do YOU think it is? A cloud? Snow? Maybe something different? Tell us why in the comments!

Oh, wait, this closing question doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s see…

What do YOU think about Lil Uzi? Ley us know in the comments!

Randomplayer10, Reporter-in-Training

Prior Bumble, HamsterLoverL, and DJChoruskid contributed

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