Results of the RFCP Triathlon

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–3 games in 36 hours! RFCP TRY-athlon-s a twist on its weekly CPPS event!

The announcement first came two hours before the start of the tournament, detailing how the competition would play out. Field Marshal Djchoruskid leapt into the #news channel with the main information soldiers would need to participate. 

The triathlon consisted of 3 games that could be played easily on single player, just by logging in to one of our private CPPSes: Ukahala and AoW225! The games that were chosen for this tournament were: Pizzatron 3000, Cart Surfer, and Catchin’ Waves. 

Later that day, after a good few hours had passed with the tournament underway, hicom released a more detailed guide to this special event, with instructions on how to reach each game, as some of the newer agents had barely stepped foot on the island, let alone knew how to play the games.

With the help of the guide, several soldiers were able to successfully play the games and log their scores in #contest-submissions, a channel for confidential submissions for games and contests.  

After the tournament concluded, officers went to the results page to tally up all the points. The winners are….

Pizzatron 3000

First Place: F.M Djchoruskid 

Second Place: General Microham 

Third Place: Commissar HamsterLoverL 

Cart Surfer

First Place: Commissar HamsterLoverL 

Second Place: F.M Djchoruskid 

Third Place: General Microham 

Catchin’ Waves
First Place: General Microham 

Second Place: F.M Djchoruskid 

Third Place: Commissar HamsterLoverL 

So the event ended with all 3 contestants winning in at least one category, but as we know, there is ~~usually~~ only one true winner. Based on overall placements, staying at least 2nd on each leaderboard, Djchoruskid had the overall best placements for the tournament. He is thus the winner of the Triathlon!

Give all three participants a round of applause if you see them in chat!

As a reward for all their efforts in this competition, the prizes for this event are as follows:

For individual games:

First Place:  $45 BB

Second Place: $30 BB

Third Place: $15 BB

Also, as a reward for overall performance, Djchoruskid will gain extra Bumble Bucks on top of placement scores.

Total event payouts are:

Commissar HamsterLoverL with a total payout of $75bb

Gen. Microham with a total payout of $90bb

F.M Djchoruskid with a payout of $135bb

What three games do YOU want to see for the next triathlon? Comment below!


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