Commissar HamsterloverL Celebrates 3 Years in RFCP!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The army celebrates the third anniversary of our very own Commissar HamsterLoverL! Read on for an exclusive interview.

And what a beautiful new profile picture she has, too!

It’s been a long three years since Commissar HamsterLoverL logged into Club Penguin to relax one day. The date was July 10, 2019. However, she didn’t know that she would encounter a group of penguins that would forever alter the path of her life. 

I, Maj. DjChorusKid, chose to interview Ham to find out the story by seeing it through her eyes, rather than by just telling her story through what others have seen.

Q.  How does it feel to know that you’ve stayed part of the army for three full years, a feat which only a select few have done?

It feels honestly incredible and surreal to know that I’ve been in this wonderful family since almost its beginning and have seen so much since I’ve joined! There have been good and bad moments in the last 3 years, but having the support of all the soldiers and officers in the army has made it a lot easier to deal with everything! I’m proud to still be supporting those who have supported me and to have made lifelong friends in the process!

Q. What has been the most worthwhile change in RFCP since you first arrived, in your own opinion?

There’s been a lot of changes that’s for sure! But the most worthwhile would have to be the passing of the ECHO. We all know RFCP is more than an army, but this document made it truly official.  I feel it contains all of our wishes for RFCP to prosper beyond the limitations of the army community, and to truly embody itself as a family.

Q. If you could do these past three years in RFCP over again, would you, or would you not do anything differently at all?

I’ve definitely become more knowledgeable about armies as well as how to work with others over the last three years, so there’s always a part of me that would want to redo the past with my current knowledge. I’ve made some mistakes over the years of course, but we all do from time to time, and I’ve come to accept that it’s okay.  Even the mistakes have helped me grow into a better person. Looking back and seeing how much I’ve grown since then truly shows how impactful RFCP has been, not just in my army career, but in my life as well, teaching me valuable leadership skills.

Q. What advice would you give to any new recruits that would help them feel more at home here, coming from someone who’s been here a while?

Get involved and give RFCP a chance!  Most of the veterans here were like myself: never joined a Club Penguin Army and had no idea what we were getting into. I would never have assumed that night chilling on Club Penguin three years ago would have changed my life so much.  You meet so many incredible people here!  Whoever said online friends aren’t real is completely wrong; RFCP is more than an army, it’s a family!  So I hope any newly enlisted members reading this decide to stay and get to know RFCP. I’m certain you won’t regret it!!!!!!

Q. How different would you say your life would be had you not encountered RFCP those long three years ago?

I can’t imagine how different my life would be without RFCP.  It’s become a staple of my daily life now.  Every day I wake up to a virtual family and I couldn’t imagine not being around them!  I’ve become a lot more outgoing and sociable thanks to RFCP and have learned a lot of leadership skills! (RFCP actually helped me get a leadership position in a club the other week!). But no matter what RFCP has been with me through good times and bad and I’m thankful for my second family here standing by me no matter what.

As we can see from the very detailed answers that flooded my DMs, Hamster has had a very meaningful three years. Her time here has affected even her personal life, in the best way possible. Three years in any one place can be difficult to achieve, but as we can see from Ham, sometimes the journey of being with the same people for so long can build friendships and family bonds…bonds that are sometimes even stronger than in-person relationships.

Congratulations, Ham! Here’s to 300 more!

What do YOU think about this achievement? Tell us your favorite Hamster stories below!

DJ, Reporter-in-Training

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