Army that Never Sleeps! Interview with the Army’s Resident Night Owl

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Ever wonder why the RFCP is called the “army that never sleeps”?  Read on for an exclusive interview with one soldier that makes that name possible: Capt. Chocolateyness.

RFCP truly never sleeps. No matter what time you log on, there is always someone online!  Capt. Chocolateyness sacrifices their sleep every day keeping the chat alive during the night. Sometimes they even go as far as skipping an entire night of sleep to do so…but we don’t recommend this!

I, Brig. Exsavitator, chose to interview Choco to find out why they never sleep and what they are doing during the night.

Q: Why do you stay awake for so long?

A: Sacrifices must be made to stay in the RFCP chat all the time. 

Q: Even if it heavily affects your health?

A: A couple of health issues aren’t going to stop me, unless it entirely paralyzes me.

Q: Why do you want to stay in the RFCP chat all the time?

A: Because its my favorite place to be. RFCP is a place you can call home, Commander Prior Bumble is a cool person, and RFCP has Maj. AquaStarr.

Q: What do you usually do during the night, when you’ve taken over the chat?

A: I am usually in a voice chat (VC) with Capt. Krispy watching a movie, a show, or some YouTube video. Right now we are watching American Horror Story and Viz. Don Cullen’s bedroom recordings. He drinks a lot of water every day. Gen. Anilia would be proud.

Would you have any advice for aspiring night owls that want to stay here late at night, and maybe even earn the Army that Never Sleeps medal?

A: Just make sure you have things to do, like: watching YouTube, playing a mindless game, or being in a VC. Being bored makes you tired.

(Disclaimer: We do not suggest disturbing your sleep schedule. It can cause serious physical and mental health problems. Results may vary. Terms and conditions apply. We are not doctors.)

You heard it, folks. Choco is staying awake to maintain an active chat. When the chat needs their help the most, they are always there to keep the server active, whether watching a show or a YouTube video in a voice chat or sending memes in #gallery-and-media. You may always join them in the VC, of course!  RFCP has to keep busy to catch up with Choco’s activity!

What do YOU think about this dedication? Tell your favorite Choco stories in the comments below!

Exsavitator, Reporter-in-Training

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