Sunday Fun-day: Volume 3, Issue 4

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ As the Recon Federation of Club Penguin heads into a new and exciting week, the RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with a new and exciting paper! Read on to catch up on all of the excitement, and to see who the newest person to reenlist was!

Weekly Recap

Monday kicked off with a pop-up Skribblio game (courtesy of SACO!), as well as our weekly RFCP-U (Recon Federation of Club Penguin University) course!  This week’s course was a new addition to the roster. Taught by your favorite nonradioactive Hamster, students learned all about the origins of the creation of RFCP’s former league: Club Penguin Warfare (CPW). 

On Tuesday the penguins of RFCP dressed up as… penguins…?  In a very fitting weekly practice battle, RFCP donned the Rockhopper Penguin costume and had a fun soldier-led showdown!  We applaud Cpt. Chocolateyness and Maj. October for an incredible job well done leading their very first battles! Keep up the great work, soldiers!

The March of the Penguins Remastered: Coming to a theater near you!
RFCP is NOT a cult, people!  These nice penguins are just gathered around a campfire to sing their campfire song!
A flawless Red Wave led by Captain Choco!

As per our usual Wednesday routine, RFCP stepped into #cooljs-casino and spent the evening playing games together!  However, this Casino Night was planned a bit differently: Commander Prior Bumble created an RFCP-themed Bingo! Each soldier received a custom Bingo card that contained important dates, phrases, memes, and other cultural nuances from RFCP history! Gen. Tumbling was the magnificent host, and gave out clues as to what the Bingo call would be. It was up to the soldiers to match these clues with the correct answer on their cards!  Once someone made a Bingo, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, they would win that round, and receive a Bumble Buck prize!  We thank Prior and Tumbling for executing such a clever and fun event.

On Thursday, we enjoyed a State of the Federation address from the Commander.

Friday proved that #cooljs-casino has become a very lively attraction for the army, even on other days of the week! On that evening, RFCP had a fun poker night, using the online platform Poker Now!  Throughout the week, other games, such as Yahtzee, were also played.

That wasn’t all, as the army decided to get freaky on a Friday night and play some Friday Night Funkin’!  Commissar Hamsterlover and Cpt. Chocolateyness shared their screens, with those watching in our streaming voice channel, for a funky night!

Friday also saw a very…interesting and unexpected event in the chat:

(No, the link doesn’t work. Nice try).

It was Boomer vs. Zoomer on Saturday afternoon, with RFCP’s After Dark and Silver 30 teams going head to head!  The kiddos must have thought they were too cool to respect their elders because their no-show attendance led to a victory for the boomers. We didn’t even have to break a hip!

Finishing up the week, we all gathered at the cove for the re-oathing of our beloved RFCP Grandmother, Maj. Cc! Gen. Tumbling gave a heartwarming speech, and all 10 penguins online watched in excitement as Commander Prior Bumble oathed her in.

With Maj. Cc officially rejoining our ranks, Gen. MicroHam sat down with her to discuss what she’s been up to and to figure out what exactly prompted her return!

It’s been a while since we’ve done an interview! How have you been?

I feel excited about the interview, because it’s been so long, but I’ve been good. I joined RFCP starting college; now I’m about to finish college. I started the army with no job; now I’m working full time. So, I’m motivated, happy, and excited.

I’m glad to hear it! A lot has changed since you’ve been with us. Has it been strange for you coming back?

Well one thing is for sure: RFCP is ever changing and evolving. I’m newly back and I have no idea what some of the terms are. There’s new advances in cpps, and tech, and divisions…So, it’s a lot, but I’m excited, because it feels like I’m a new recruit. There’s the excitement about learning about the army, getting to know new people. I feel like the strangest thing was feeling fear right before coming back. This happened right before I came back to the server, and right before they announced my re-oath. I had fear of loving people so much and being forgotten, or giving so much effort to the army for the army to not want me back. That fear left as fast as it came because of the fact that this army is family, and it felt like that. It felt like I hadn’t left in a way, because family is always there.

RFCP is very close–you’ve even been nicknamed the Grandmother of RFCP! Do you think your closeness to the army and people in it played a part in your return?

RFCP is a family and that’s impressive due to events that occurred and the time that has passed, etc. I have friends here; I’ve grown close to others. I feel like a big sister a lot of the time; I like having a place I can go to when I’m down and KNOW 100% that someone is gonna make me smile. Also imma be honest, a huge reason why I came back was Prior. He knows more than anyone that I loved him as Commander because of his love for the battles, and the wars, and the whole game of it all. I was very battle hungry. I love battles, I love wars, I love the game itself. And I always told Prior that if he came back to call me up and let me know.

Battles and war are some of the best parts about RFCP (and not just for the fresh copypastas we get)! Do you have any plans on leading us in any practice battles in the future?

Absolutely! I’m looking to get RFCP back into the war-ready shape we were back in the day, no matter if we are actively battling or not. RFCP was known for their perfection on the battlefield. So yes, I will be holding practices based on teaching new recruits the name of the game, perfecting techniques, and working on speed and accuracy. No bubble drops, no delayed changes in formations.

It sounds like you’ve got some pretty big plans to get us battle perfect! Do you think there’s a chance we could be seeing you in the command room in the future?

I hope so…I want to. I try not to think about it too much because if you focus on ranking up to rank up then you’re missing most of the fun. The fun comes from wanting to be better, from wanting to make the army the best. For giving part of your day to make at least one person smile and have fun. That was my favorite part of RFCP. Other armies wanted to hang out, while we did that plus tried to be the best. Always grow, always (have) perfect strategy and dedication for wanting the army to grow.

RFCP certainly seems to grow and thrive on love, rather than hate! Make sure you take a moment to say hello to Maj. Cc if you see her in the server. I promise she doesn’t bite…Much.

This Week in RFCP History

  • 29 June 2019–RFCP took on RPF in the Siege of Antarctica. We knew we’d be heavily outnumbered, but this is what sparked our Never No-Show attitude. Gen. Tumbling and Cmdr. Prior Bumble are veterans of this battle.
  • 1 July 2019–RFCP made the CPA Top Ten List for the second time in history
  • 28 June 2020–RFCP had a silent protest battle against LFA (Los Fecharos Army) in the Summer 2020 Civil War, as they had broken the terms of battle and brought allies.
  • 2 July 2020–RFCP declares victory against LFA in the Summer 2020 Civil War!

Puzzles and Games

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