Ye Olde Lucky Day

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Wednesday was St. Patrick’s Day! See how the army celebrated and read up on some of the holiday’s origins by Colonel Shy Guy.

Ahh yes, Saint Patrick’s Day.

To Americans, it’s a day to avoid getting pinched for not wearing the traditional green color associated with the holiday; but what does Saint Patrick’s Day actually mean in the Irish culture?

Saint Patrick’s Day is intended to commemorate the Feast Day, or death, of Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick was born around 385 CE in Roman-occupied Britain (no, not Ireland!) So how did he become the primary patron saint of Ireland? At the age of 16 (right around the age of some of our soldiers!), he was captured by Irish pirates, and was taken to Ireland where he was enslaved for 6 years. In a dream, God told him to run away and that a small boat would be waiting for him at the nearby shore. He did, and succeeded. But then, something incredible happened.

Years later, God told him he must return to the very island that enslaved him (Ireland) and become a missionary. Bravely, he did so, and brought many Irish people hope.

Can you imagine returning to HELP the very people who enslaved you? As RFCP members, it might be somewhat easy for us to relate to this sort of response of love in the face of cruelty and hatred. When things seem hard, please know that you are in the company of a great saint, beloved soldiers.

Most Irish people have a feast to remember him, and in some religions, they lift an alcohol ban for this day. They also wear green and carry around items with shamrocks, because it is said that Saint Patrick used shamrocks to describe the Holy Trinity.

Members of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), however, celebrated this holiday by logging on to Club Penguin Rewritten, donned in green, and went around pinching anyone we found that wasn’t wearing green.

It was a lot’o’fun, and we wish you good luck and gold at the end of your rainbow!

What do YOU think about Saint Patrick’s Day? Did you wear your green on Wednesday? Leave us comment below and give us your thoughts!


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