Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 1, Issue 4

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA-The RFCP Times-Dispatch presents the fourth edition of their weekly newspaper. Read on for the highlights, puzzles, and an exclusive interview with General SIllabye in honor of International Women’s Day that you’ll only find here!

This Week in RFCP

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) had a more relaxed week this week, opting to focus on recruitment and getting the newer soldiers trained and battle-ready. On Wednesday, they held a new-soldier-training event maxing 8. Col. MicroHamster led the recruits through the basics, such as how to do rakes, waterfalls, bombs, blenders, various formations, and the RFCP-famous Red Wave. Yesterday, Saturday, 8 penguins logged on to celebrate the end of the recruitment and teaching week with a conga line led by Cmdr. CoolJ.

RFCP Celebrates National Women’s Day

Across the globe on Monday, March the 8th, women everywhere were showered with love in recognition of National Women’s Day. Members of the RFCP were more than happy to join in the celebration of female empowerment as they all sent messages of admiration and celebration to the server. The day started off with a message from Gen. Sillabye, and all throughout the day we praised the beloved ladies of RFCP.

Puzzles and Riddles

Click to enlarge
Unscramble the usernames of some of the ladies of RFCP! Click to enlarge.

Ask Silla!

In continuation of our highlighting of strong RFCP women this week, we spoke to one of our most decorated women in the army, Gen. Sillabye.

Q: What do you think about the different leagues of the Club Penguin community?

A: I think all the different leagues have their strengths and weaknesses. I love that we have different leagues for the different communities to be a part of. However, I’m always gonna miss and love CPW the most (what can I say, I was staff and may have some bias). Sadly, bias does run rampant in every league, but that is expected; unless there’s a judge from every army, then there’s no way to stop that.

Q: How do you think RFCP fits in to the Club Penguin community?

A: I think RFCP will always be the “rebel” of the community. The group that never conforms as much and always causes some strife, even when we’re just living our lives. It’s something the community needs–it would be boring if everyone acted the same.

Meme of the Week

I hope you all have an amazing week!

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