Astrology of June 5, 2019

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–What was the horoscope on RFCP’s founding date? What supernatural wonders were at work?

Astrology is the study of heavenly objects with the belief that their positions can influence human and natural affairs. Since June 5, 2019 was a HUGE day for RFCP, the blog decided to take a look at what was going on in the stars the night Prior Bumble chose to create the Recon Federation.


Above is a chart of the night sky on the evening of June 5, 2019, around 10:00 p.m. EST (estimated time of declaration of RFCP). The chart is according to the location of Prior Bumble. Highlighted in yellow, one can see the date. This particular image shows what was rising on the Eastern horizon.

The Moon and Retrograde motions were:


In the Zodiac (Chinese astrological discipline), 2019 was the Year of the Boar

Chinese Horoscope 2019 - Chinese New Year 2019 Of The Pig ...
“Boar” and “Pig” are interchangeable


Then we got to wondering: what was the horoscope on Wednesday, June 5, 2019? Find yours below for that day!

Zodiac Signs and their Relevance in Astrology - Astrohub

Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Not since discussing nighttime dreams associated with RFCP has the blog written about such a mystical topic. But the world is full of wonder and mystery, and we believe the founding of RFCP was a sacred event in the universe. Is there something that speaks to you deeply, even spiritually, about this day?

There is for us.

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