2nd Annual RFCP Thanksgiving

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP celebrated its second Thanksgiving with a surprise guest.

On Thursday, RFCP gathered at a circular table around a feast of fish. The Thanksgiving dinner was held at Commissar Hamsterlover’s snow globe igloo, elegantly decorated with grandfather clocks, fireplaces, and ornate white dining chairs.

Patriarchally at the head of the table, in a special throne, sat Prior Bumble.

RFCP Thanksgiving Portrait, painted by Norman Rockwell.

His presence came as a surprise to some, who cried all-caps greetings upon sight of him. All were silent then as Prior offered a prayer, in which he gave thanks, acknowledged the current sufferings in the world, and asked God for guidance in being a better, more sensitive, and move loving father-figure to the soldiers who stand by him. Following this, the soldiers shared intimate thoughts about our army, including how RFCP saved their lives from dark, painful places, and how this “beautiful family” gave them support they could not find anywhere else.

The army rejoiced in each other’s company with an incredible max of 15–a feat to note on a national holiday when most would not make time for computer hours. But RFCP is different, because on Thanksgiving, the idea of NOT getting together online as a family (even between obligations in real life) is foreign. Being a family on special occasions is what we do. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

The officers of the RFCP wish to remind all soldiers how thankful we are for them, and our army encourages all readers to have gratitude for the blessings of health and kin. Please be mindful of those this year who were afflicted with grief and illness. We’re all in this together.

With love,

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin

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