RFCP Hosts Season 4 of Hell’s Kitchen

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP has a revival of the cutthroat competition, Hells’s Kitchen. See how things are heating up in the blog that will leave you asking: Where’s the lamb sauce?!

From a cooking recipe channel in the RFCP server, to the Fruit Snacks Gang, and now on to the fourth official revival of Hell’s Kitchen–food has become a bit of a staple in RFCP culture. But what exactly led to the revival of RFCP’s favorite cooking show, and how is RFCP going about hosting this fiery competition? I sat down with RFCP’s very own Gordon Ramsay, Colonel Shy Guy, to get all of the spicy details about the competition thus far.

MicroHamster (M): What exactly led to the revival of Hell’s Kitchen?

Shy Guy (S): I was into Hell’s Kitchen and was like “Why not? Let’s do another HK event.”

M: Why HK? Is there a specific reason you chose that theme?

S: Back in the day, someone else and myself came up with the idea to make it. I was into HK at the time as well.

M: What is it that you like about the show so much?

S: I’d say it’s Mr. Ramsay himself. He likes to yell a lot and that leads to a lot of good memes. I’d say if I participated in HK, it would be an honor to be yelled at by him.

M: What is your favorite Gordon Ramsay quote or moment from the show?

S: (minute 8:48-8:56)

M: How do you like portraying Chef Ramsay in the RFCP version of HK?

S: Let’s get some astrology done. He’s a Scorpio, so obviously he’ll yell at them. I, however, am very calm, but if needed I will yell.

M: How do you think the contestants are doing in this season so far?

S: They are actually doing real good; there was confusion, yes, but they are doing well.

M: Any surprises in store for us this season?

S: It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you (followed by his signature Shrek emote)

This week’s recap:

In the first “episode” of the newest season of Hell’s Kitchen, the contestants were split into two teams, Red Team and Blue Team:

No description available.

The two teams were then instructed by Chef Ramsay (Colonel Shy Guy) to prepare him a dish, any dish. At the Chef’s demand, the teams raced off to serve up their best dishes to our favorite angry chef.

No description available.
Chef Anilia prepared a lovely dish of ramen noodles.
No description available.
Chef Random whipped up a delicious bowl of Prior-approved ice cream
No description available.
Chef Dolepie went with a different approach to the challenge

Chef DJChorusKid and Chef MicroHamster went head-to-head preparing spaghetti dishes.

No description available.
Chef DJChorusKid stepped out of the hypothetical box for a 3-D take on the classic dish
Chef MicroHamster kept it simple and went with a more traditional recipe

Chef Emma and Chef Chloe also went head-to-head, opting to draw carrots in hopes of impressing the abrupt and straightforward Chef Ramsay.

Chef Chloe created a classic and delicious looking carrot
No description available.
Chef Emma‘s carrot was well-detailed and fit for a snack

Chef JustinTFC prepared a delectable beef wellington, one of the more difficult dishes of the evening, but has opted out of making the dish public, as it is a top-secret family recipe passed down for generations.

At the end of the night, the contestants anxiously awaited the results of the night’s competition, but were faced with a surprise when Chef Ramsay (ShyGuy) chose not to send anyone home.

Who will be sent home next week? Stay tuned to find out as things heat up in this ruthless cooking competition!

Who do YOU think had the best dish of the evening? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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