What Would You Do? Commander for a Day!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–RFCP Reporter-in-Training, General Sillabye brings back the popular “What Would You Do” segment!

This week’s “What Would You Do?” question is:

What would you do if you were Commander for one day, and one day only?

We asked Ice Agents to Officers this question to see all the different responses!

Dani – “Keep business as usual and make sure the army survives that day.”

CoffeeBean – “1. Make Canada a division lead by Sillabye (Who hails from canada) 
2. Make coffee the national RFCP beverage.”

AquaStarr – “Change our name to the Recon Furbies of Club Penguin.”

Reap – “I’d give myself 83746262727 bbs (Bumblebucks).”

Djchoruskid – “Pass a decree stating that I am the permanent commander.”

Anilia – “I’d get everyone to recruit (we need to recruit everyday lmao), build our army so we can max high, plan some fun events, get everyone hype for just life in general, spread love and positivity, and have good fun family times with RFCP while recruiting ofc. Oh did I mention…more recruiting?”

Ariel Aries~ – “I would probably have like a training or something.”

JustinTFC – “Hm… I’d give everyone 50 Bumble Bucks (sorry Hammy and Silla).”

Shy Guy – “Really all I would do is let the soldiers have fun. I can’t think of anything they would do I’d also make a Canadian division if anything”

Blueback99 – “If I was Commander for a day I’d go mad with power, force everyone to change their skin color to blue, then declare war on everyone else in a mad bid for 24 hour world domination. All hail Blue, Blue is good, Blue is life.”

MicroHamster- “I’m not really sure. I’d like to think I could live up to Prior’s legacy, but I know that is impossible. I’d probably get us stuck in a war in the first 24 hours though, because I don’t know when to shut up sometimes lol”

What would YOU do if you were Commander for a day? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. i would add crazy fish as an emote

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