Today, RFCP soldiers united against backlash from enemies who claim to want “Prior’s empire to crumble.” An idea put forth by Colonel RomanPrince, loyalists donned the hashtag #ImTheEmpireOfPrior in their nicknames and statuses to show that the army and its prowess is far from collapsing.

The slogan was chosen in a 14-8 vote, with the other option being #ImPriorsEmpire–shorter, but less rhyme!

After everyone decided, the atmosphere of army unity and family was palpable. The social media team, which consists of an Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube now, expressed an eagerness to jump on board as well.

“I cannot express how warmed my heart was when I saw screenshots of soldiers of all ranks wearing the hashtag,” said Prior. “‘Prior’s empire’ is not me. It’s us. It’s you. You are the force they want to break. They never will.”


We. Us. Everyone.

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