Happy Father’s Day, Papa Prior

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Today is Father’s Day. The army presents its own father with the most heartfelt gift.

While June 5 is the most sacred June day for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP), Father’s Day, which always falls one Sunday in June, is a close second.

Today, the army surprised Commander Prior Bumble, otherwise known as Papa Prior or even Dad to his soldiers, with a heartfelt gift of love.

The cover of this “Father’s Day card” is an artistic rendition by Maj. CCjay. Notice how the kiddo is wearing the soldier uniform! The rest, of course, is a collaboration of affectionate contributions from the soldiers–Prior’s kiddos.

“Honestly,” said Prior, “I look forward to Father’s Day every year now…thanks to you. I hold being your father incredibly sacred. It’s more than I could ever express with a fishing pole on a boat or hammer in hand. I will always be your loving dad.”

Do YOU want to add to the card and wish Papa Prior a happy Father’s Day? Leave a note below in the comments!

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