RFCP “WOLFS” Down New General! WolfyDaOtaku Returns!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ The return of a former RFCP General during the 7th Semiannual Feddies was a moment of celebration! Read on for an exclusive interview!

Commander Prior Bumble had a trick up his sleeve during the Feddies Awards on August 28. Not only was it the day of RFCP’s biggest event of the year, but it was also the birthday of our dear Commissar Coolj!  And what could be more fitting to celebrate Coolj’s birthday than an appearance on Ukahala by Nicki Minaj herself? The queen indeed arrived halfway through the awards. But there was just one question: If everyone was on Ukahala or watching via stream, then who was dressed up as the famous rapper?  

With the Commander giving a hint that this mystery person was a “former general,” all speculations pointed towards the recently Honorably Retired Gen. Anilia. Until, that is, a ping from Discord directed the soldiers’ attentions to the #new-recruits channel where the “special guest” would make his or her appearance. 

The soldiers discussed with visible confusion who the guest could be….

…Until the moment of truth, when none other than Honorably Retired Gen, WolfyDaOtaku joined!

The server erupted in a frenzy over the visitation of the general! Wolfy had been enlisted during the summer of 2019, back when the army was still new. She was present during many important parts of RFCP history, and is one of the few prominent figures in the army that actually transferred in from another army, the Winged Hussars (WH).  After her retirement a couple of years ago, the original soldiers who had known her back then were thrilled to see her swoop in!

Wolfy’s presence was only meant to be a visit…she announced a few special Feddies awards in the server and donned the purple Honorably Retired role. But it took only one day of being in this vibrant, livelier-than-ever server for Wolfy to declare that she wanted to reenlist. The oath was administered on August 29, and she retook her place in the command room.


I, Commissar Hamsterlover decided to interview our returning general!  

Hamster: Hey, Wolfy! Welcome back to the army!!! 🥳🥳🥳 It’s so good to see you back!  Firstly, tell the readers a little bit about yourself!

Wolfy: Hello readers! I’m Wolfy! I have been in armies since 2018 and have been in armies like Pirates, Winged Hussars (as a leader), and now RFCP since August 2019! As a little fun history fact when I did [first] join I was first given the rank of Major. Field Marshal, I don’t think was a rank at the time, so I have only been promoted 2 times. Major -> Colonel -> General in around a couple months.

H: It’s been a while since you’ve been in the army!  How has RFCP changed since you last were enlisted?

W:  RFCP has changed very little actually from what I remember. The only difference is just the people in it and how they act vs before.

H: What are you looking forward to in RFCP’s future?

W: I’m looking forward to being able to help out the soldiers and make an impact and help recruit people. 🙂

H: Do you have any plans to accomplish as a newly reinstated 3ic of RFCP?

W: My plan is probably to help with orders I’m given and to get to know the soldiers better! I want them to know I’m always here for them and I might be a terrible explainer sometimes, but I try my best for them to feel most positive [when] they talk to me.

Thank you so much, Wolfy, for your interview! Our readers will be interested to know that Cmdr. Prior added in a few words as well about the general’s return…

“Gen. Wolfy,” said the Commander, “as a Winged Hussars leader, first knew me not as a commander, but as an ally. She saw my actions behind closed group chats–plotting comebacks with EGCP, strategizing battle plans in the New Viking Alliance (NVA), and joking around with R3tro. I was the new kid on the block. She got to know who I am without the powerful image of the entirety of RFCP behind me. She loved me as someone yet to rise, and saw I had something to me anyway. And me? I was impressed by her from Day 1. Smart, mature, and genuinely caring. For those reasons, RFCP became her true home, and we are beyond blessed for it. We missed her during her friendly retirement, and we’re elated that the time is now right for her to serve active duty alongside me once more. I am thrilled that she gets to see me again…that same man from that first group chat. Now in a top tier new era for us all.”

Cmdr. Prior sure made good on his Phase II promise to draw back the Honorably Retired. His plans work! We are all so happy that Wolfy is home and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact she’ll have on so many soldiers here!  

 How excited are YOU for the return of General Wolfy?  Let us know in the comments below!


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