Level 3 For RFCP! The Perks, the Sponsors, and the Significance

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The army achieved Level 3 and has been enjoying its premium status for a few weeks now. Take a closer look at the features and the donors that make this news spectacular!

Discord demands 14 boosts to unlock Level 3 for any given server. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) achieved this on July 6, 2022, and has maintained this first-class status with the help of passionate RFCP donors!

What does this special station provide for us? Pristine audio quality in our voice channels, a custom invite link, 100 additional emoji slots (of which we seem to fill up immediately!), and snazziest of all…

An animated server banner, showcasing our quality standing to the world!

None of this would be possible without our generous, passionate, pro-RFCP sponsors. Each Discord boost costs $4.99 USD (or $3.49 USD with an exiting Nitro subscription) per month. Those who boost in RFCP receive a pink diamond icon next to their name and the meme role “Prior’s Multilog,” based on the absurd accusations that Prior multilogs (c’mon, people, he can’t even figure out role perms).

Since July, the following have boosted the army’s server and helped us reach this peak:

  • Maj. Djchoruskid
  • Ice Agent shadelark the soldier
  • Capt. Exsavitator
  • Field Marshal Joshafter
  • Gen. Microham
  • Uncle Mist
  • Cmdr. Prior Bumble

The blog gathered comments from a few of the donors, and asked them each why they decided to spend real money on this army.

Why did you boost RFCP?

“RFCP is the only server I’m in that I feel is worthy of being boosted.” – Capt. Exsavitator

“This server has been a home to me these past (almost) 3 years, so I felt like I should give it to this one, as a little ‘thank you.'” – Maj. DJ

“It strengthens not only my devotion to the army, but more importantly contributes to how RFCP should feel like a home to all of its members.” — Field Marshal Joshafter

“It’s a[n] army that I care about, whose members I also care about. They are all part of a family, in which I am in.” — Uncle Mist.

As for a favorite feature of Level 3, everyone has their own tastes. For Uncle Mist, it’s hands-down “The custom invite!”

The Commander only had this to say: “RFCP deserves Level 3 because it is a Level 3 army. While we do not need this status to prove that, I am glad that the server is experiencing the pristine digital quality befitting of a pristine organization.”

So, we don’t need it…but we sure enjoy it! Keep having fun in the Level 3 server, and if there’s ever a Level 4, there is no doubt RFCP would reach that, too.

What is YOUR favorite Level 3 perk? Let us know in the comments!

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