Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issue 5

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— The RFCP Times-Dispatch is back with another edition of the Sunday paper. Read on to learn about our jam-packed week, and see how our division reopening is going!

Weekly Recap

Monday started off with an announcement from Commissar Hamster in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) #news channel.

With a total of FOUR events set to take place through the day, everyone excitedly waddled over to the first event of the day, a Yahtzee workshop led by Capt. Krispy.

A total of five people were in attendance to learn how to play the dice-y game–although, the blog is obligated to say that this workshop would not normally have been permitted on the same day as an RFCP-U class, unless Commander Prior Bumble waved his hand.

He is above the Constitution and we love it.

I’ll admit, even as someone with dyscalculia, Krispy made it very easy to understand this game of numbers! If you missed the class and would like to learn how to play, make sure you read back through the #rfcp-u channel to catch up.

Following Krispy’s workshop, soldiers of the RFCP had several events to celebrate America’s Independence Day. To read more about the 4th of July celebrations, click here.

Once the festivities from the day were completed, everyone settled back into the server for an RFCP-U (Recon Federation of Club Penguin University) class called The Bots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of RFCP, taught by guest lecturer Col. Voidwalker. Final count showed that there were 10 people in attendance, though only 9 people reacted. 

Voidwalker taught us all about the various bots of RFCP (past and present), how to use them, what AI is, and even some creepy and/or weird things people have done–including someone who taught brain cells in a dish to play pong!

On Tuesday, several people logged on to Ukahala for a ceremony marking the official reopening of RFCP’s Divisions. To learn more about our divisions, you can read about them here.

Wednesday night is RFCP’s regular casino night. To start the evening off, 6 people gathered in our Uno server to play a fun game of Uno. Brg. Exsavitator somehow ended up with 49 cards, setting a new record for most cards held by a single player.

Following the Uno game, 5 people went online to Poker Now! to play a riveting game of poker. 

Once everyone was tired of playing cards for the night, they moved on from Poker to a Silver Thirty (S30) hosted game of Gartic Phone. 5 people tested their art skills in the fun game, and had an awesome time drawing the rest of the night away.

On Thursday, 9 people logged on for a top secret event. It wouldn’t be much of a secret if I talked about it, but I will say that we made the Commander very proud. 

That evening, 5 people logged on for RFCP’s apparently favorite past time game, Skribbl. Maj. DjChorusKid took first place, followed by F.M. AquaStarr in second, and Capt. Chocolateyness in third. Gen. MicroHam glitched out and had to restart after the first round, resetting her score, and Viz. Don ended up leaving early due to an unforeseen obligation.

Friday night, the RFCP Marines held a training, maxing 6 people online! The mission was to welcome the new Marine recruit, Agent Kiw, who is the Vizonde’s wonderful girlfriend in real life! Hopefully we will see a response event from RFCP’s Navy soon, as our divisions are regrouping fervently.

Saturday, we held a midnight “training” event. 5 people logged on and headed to Maj. DjChorusKid’s igloo for the event–which turned out to be a surprise birthday party for Capt. Chocolateyness! We had a blast swimming the night away on the NewCP CPPS, in what has been dubbed as “Prior’s Kidney Stone Water Park.”

This Week in RFCP History

  • On July 6, 2019–The RFCP entered into the New Viking Alliance (NVA). This alliance was made up of a coalition of armies that brought aid to each other. It included Green Street Gang (GSG), RFCP’s first-ever ally, and the Brazilian army, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin (EGCP), RFCP’s perhaps strongest ally.
  • Also on July 6, 2019–The NVA alliance led way to RFCP’s first league war. This famous war, against LGA, was deemed the “War of Smoke and Sour.” RFCP declared war on July 6, 2019, and the two armies battled it out over the course of several days.
  • This week, in 2020, RFCP held its first-ever “Snazzy Summer Event Contest.” We held a total of 59 events in 7 days!
  • TODAY! On July 10, 2019–Penguin Latin was declared as the official language of RFCP. 
  • TODAY! On July 10, 2019–Commissar Hamster officially joined the ranks in RFCP!

This Week’s IRL Work/Study Goals Accomplished!

DJ accomplished this!

Prior accomplished this!

Puzzles and Games

Click the link to play an exclusive RFCP jigsaw puzzle! Share your time in our #contest-submissions channel. The fastest time will receive a prize!

Click to enlarge


What do YOU want to see here next week? Leave us a comment below and give us your thoughts! 


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