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Promotions! Arne Becomes and Officer; Others on the Rise

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Tonight saw a former PZF 3ic become an officer and hicom in the RFCP. Read on for the story.

Arne’s new badge

Officership in the Recon Federation is notoriously hard to attain. Commander Coolj has carried on the tradition of Commander Prior in being sparing with promotions, especially after the rank of Major. So when Field Marshal Arne’s name was called in #news to take the saber (a colloquium in RFCP for accept the role of Officer, regarding the saber Officers wear), the server rejoiced.

Field Marshal Arne will still have to take the Officer oath and accept a soldier-ranking sponsor at a formal ceremony (probably by the cove), but he has already been equipped with his new roles.

This achievement comes after a decorated career in Club Penguin Armies for Arne, including his long tenure as 3ic of the Pizza Federation (PZF). Despite still having friendly sentiments towards PZF, Arne has demonstrated a history of feeling the Call of the Aurora–in other words, the allure and attraction to our great army. He has enlisted with us before and wrestled with conflictions during our isolationist Ukahala policy in late spring of 2020, when he left to continue his writing job in CPAM but attempted to return and give us his love and tell us he missed us. These days, Arne’s devotion to RFCP is rock solid–provable by the hours he spends making posts for the blog. We appreciate him so much.

Also promoted tonight were:

  • Krispy to Lieutenant
  • Kona to Corporal
  • Stitches to Corporal
  • Emma to Ice Agent

Congratulations to all. We salute you.

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