RFCP’s Fun “Hunger Games Simulator”–And Instructions to Make Your Own!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Ever wanted to see what would happen if RFCP soldiers fought in the Hunger Games? Read on to learn more about RFCP’s new Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

Hunger Games Simulations are a fun and interactive way to pass time!  Whenever there is a dull moment in the chat, I fire these bad boys up. You may have seen a couple of these simulations running live, but what you probably don’t know is how the algorithm is used to simulate people, companies, food, and other objects all simultaneously competing against one another. Well, I’m here to explain it. 

Way back when in mid-2019, during my Rebel Penguin Federation heyday (don’t judge me please), I discovered this website called Brantsteele. Brantsteele is a website where you can simulate various competitions such as American Idol, Total Drama, MasterChef, Glee Project, Survivor, and the star of our show: The Hunger Games. Most of these aren’t that customizable, but Hunger Games gives you, the user, full control over the cast and their details.

We will go step by step on how to make the Hunger Game simulations of your dreams. The first step is obviously opening up Brantsteele, but you can do it quicker by googling “Hunger Games Simulator” and clicking the Brantsteele link. There you’ll be greeted by a page with the original Hunger Games movie characters and their names. If you don’t want to have this cast for your simulation, scroll downwards and hit the button that says “Edit Cast.”

You will be able to edit the 24 participants, but you can make the cast bigger by clicking the “Adjust Size” button, which is to the left of the “Edit Cast” button. Once in the cast customizations menu, you have the opportunity to fill in the blanks with the name of the character of your choosing. The first space is for the name, and the one below is for an optional nickname. 

Once that’s done you can add a URL for an image to represent each character if you would like. To the right, you can even choose the gender of your character. This will change the pronouns used with said character. You can also choose if your character will come from another show or will be inspired by real Hunger Games participants like Katniss or Peeta, however, it’s also largely optional and it can always just be skipped.

Rinse and repeat for your 24 participants, and you will find some more customization options. If you don’t want images at all, hit that option. If you want special death images, there’s an option for that as well. I recommend hitting the make nicknames the same as names button to prevent confusion down the line or having to fill every name twice.

Then you can press your enter key or the submit button to start your simulation. You will be returned to that original menu, which should now be showing the participants you chose. To begin the killing sequence, hit the proceed button. You will be able to move forward between days and nights within the simulation. The page will then reset and a bunch of text explaining the whereabouts of each character during the twelve hours will pop up.

You will start at the bloodbath, which is the day your participants will arrive on the battlefield. They may get resources from the cornucopia, but the algorithm won’t remember later down the line what they collected or grabbed across the game in general. What the algorithm will remember is who dies. Deaths may happen via suicide, accidents, or straight-up murder. The kill counter will also be kept in check across the entire game and will be shown at the end of each round.

Every character will do something every round. They could kill someone, sleep, get their camp raided, hold truces, nearly die, run, sprain an ankle, search for water, commit suicide, receive something from a sponsor, travel to high ground, discover a cave, step on a landmine, and many more options! Now between all this death and dismay some arena events could happen.

These can be harmful such as a volcano showing up, dangerous creatures spawning, massive fires, poisonous gas, natural disasters, or even the arena’s border rapidly contracting.  However, there are more peaceful random events that occur as well such as “The Feast”, which is a calm and less deadly alternative to the cornucopia/bloodbath. Here, participants can choose to get more resources towards the end of a round.  After several rounds, only one character will remain and will be crowned as the winner. 

Prior picks flowers.

If you want to share your own simulation, head over to the #hunger-games-simulator channel (owned by me) and share it with me! I’m a sucker for these. You can also visit the channel during EST mornings for more fun simulations hosted by me. I always host RFCP Themed Hunger Games and some others midweek, and I like to ping participating users as it goes.

Hunger Games simulations are a fun way to waste some time and have fun at the hilarious things that could happen. I hope this inspires you to try them for yourself, and join my club down here in the Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

What do YOU think about the Hunger Games Simulator Website?  Are YOU excited to try it out?  Leave us a comment below letting us know your thoughts!

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