What Would You Do–If RFCP Needed To Get 100 New Recruits In One Day?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–RFCP Reporter-in-Training, General Sillabye, brings back the popular “What Would You Do” segment to ask the question “What Would You Do If The RFCP Needed To Get 100 New Recruits In One Day?

“Send to all my friends, as per hard work. I will advertise in every one of my videos and also tell my friends.” – NeonAwesome

“G**d*** it I would recruit. do any g**d*** thing to get 100, I would ask everyone and anyone to recruit, I would do anything possible to recruit.” – DabOn

“I would make a team of 4 people where 2 people recruit 1 guy does the protocol and then the last guy explains about army basics and clear all the doubts, I think that this will be a good idea because by using this method we can recruit more people than normal and it will be kinda fast because I have done this before and yea it worked perfectly so this is what I will probably do we need a lot of recruits in a day.” – DemonTFC

“Make a nuclear bunker, and prepare for the bombing of pings.” – Djchoruskid

“I would probably be in multiple Userphone calls and advertising servers.” – Coolj

“If the RFCP needed 100 recruits in one day, I would log on to CPR, find the busiest server, and individually recruit people personally. I would also get my nieces and nephews to join, and tell all of their classmates to join.” – Cookie714

We then asked our Heads of The Recruitment Coalition (HORC), Generals Anilia and Sillabye what they had to say about our question. They released a joint statement: “Recruit or die.”

Well? You heard them.

Why is recruiting so important to armies, especially to the RFCP, though?

You see, due to the nature of armies, it’s hard to gain new members from those already in the community. There are policies (we support) against troopstealing, and most community members already have allegiances. Therefore, the only way to build an army is to recruit! Alas, as many know, recruiting has become very difficult lately. Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR) has added many words to its filter that make it nearly impossible to recruit. Therefore, most recruiting must be done in inventive ways, as the recruiting methods of even six months ago are no longer utilizable.

Most of you reading this have been recruited yourself into the RFCP, found in odd ways on a random CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server). If you love the RFCP, love the amazing times, and love the memories you have made here, it’s your duty to recruit and share it with someone new.


What would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!


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