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The Spirit of Fall

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As RFCP prepares for Halloween and Fall, General Sillabye, who hails from Canada, interviews soldiers for their thoughts on the season and holiday.



Don’t worry, there’s nothing scary in this blog! Well, aside from Sillabye’s Canadian spelling.

That’s right, soldiers, it’s the month of colour-changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, ghosts, and other spooky things. So now it’s time to pull out your flannel shirts (RIP Papa’s Hawaiian shirts), light a scented candle, pull out the pumpkin-carving tools, and get ready for the season of tricks and treats!

In the RFCP server, things have already gotten spooky. Members have strode into the season’s spirit with some fun nicknames and Halloween-themed profile pictures!

Thank you to Sergeant Cookie for coming up with the amazing nicknames for Microwavable Hamster and CoffeeBean!

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to interview some of our soldiers and other familiar faces in the server about Fall, Halloween, and all things spooky!

Are you happy Fall is here?

“Fall is great. I love the colors of the trees. I sometimes forget leaves can change colors 0.0” – Joshafter

“yes!! it’s always been my favourite season, I literally started decorating my room for it in early September” – Ot_ter

“Yep! Been waiting a while for it. :)” – JustinTFC

“Pretty much.” – RandomPlayer10

“Yessss because the leaves are changing colors which makes it so pretty outside:” – Bearz

“Yes Im very glad its fall! It gets nice and cool!” – CandyCorn

“Kinda, miss summer where you can grab an inflatable pool and just chill.” – DabOn

So what are you looking forward to the most this season?

“Im looking forward to halloween, i’m dressing up as an among us character” – Joshafter

“Ooh for sure all the seasonal food that comes out. I literally love seeing what people manage to come up with, plus they’re normally delicious” – Ot_ter

“Halloween, and hopefully peace towards everyone and armies.” – JustinTFC

“it’s a nice set of months, but definitely s p o o k y m o n t h.” – RandomPlayer10

“Pumpkin carvings and haunted corn mazes (if covid didn’t happen)” – Bearz

“I am looking forward to the rainy weather.” – CandyCorn

“School break and HALLOWEEEEEEENNN.” – DabOn

Who has the best spooky nickname (in the server)?

“Microham, Micrograveable is a great spooky name. I also like cereal killer because I do be eating that cereal. OH WAIT CHANGE MY ANSWER TO DEMON FOR BEST NAME” – Joshafter

“MicroGRAVEable Hamster LMAO, like I’m sorry I laughed at that for a good 20 minutes shjshdjdjd” – Ot_ter

“Hmmm… MicroGRAVEable Hamster probably.” – JustinTFC

“Who knows? Off to check. Maybe Josh.” – RandomPlayer10

“Joshafter mannn he kills cereals dudee.” – Bearz

“Hmmm Def Microwavable Hamster.” – CandyCorn

“Spooky because he always has spooky in his nickname” – DabOn

What is your favourite scary movie?

“IT” – Joshafter

“I don’t really know if it counts as scary? but corpse bride because emily” – Ot_ter

“I’ve never been allowed to watch them, so, I guess Club Penguin Shutdown: The Movie” – JustinTFC

“My old home videos, scariest thing ever recordedI don’t really know. I might have to watch more movies.” – RandomPlayer10

“Well I like the comedy series called scary movie lol but for actual scary I like those paranormal movies like poltergeist etc.” – Bearz

“My favorite scary movie is Hocus Pocus”. – CandyCorn

“Idk I haven’t watched any, I’m too scared lol.” – DabOn

And what’s your favourite monster?

“Can clowns be monsters? (Silla (S): yes) CLOWNS! Bruh they scary but I love them” – Joshafter

“Legoman (S: i-) LMAO” – Ot_ter (S: for legal reasons this is a joke)

“Don’t include this because it’s not my legit answer yet, REDACTED (S: AHHHH) Know what… Actually. Yep. Screw it, favorite monster is REDACTED” – JustinTFC

“Ummm the dude from Sinister i think his name is Bughuul”- Bearz

“Does Billy the puppet count as a favorite monster?” – CandyCorn

“The one under my bed that comforts me when I’m crying at night” – DabOn

What is your Halloween tradition?

“Buying candy because I’m too old to get some from the houses around me” – Joshafter

“I’ve actually stopped doing Halloween, I just get Chinese with my mom and maybe dad while my brother messes around with his friends.” – JustinTFC

“Going out of town to get a candy, trick or treating is great.” – RandomPlayer10

“Setting up halloween decorations and carving pumpkins” – Bearz

“My halloween tradition is to make chocolate cake for my family.” – CandyCorn

“Trick or Treat. I never do it, I love giving the chocolate out to the little kids though.” – DabOn

What Fall or Halloween events would you love to see the RFCP do?

“Spooky story time in VC” – Joshafter

“honestly I’m not sure! but I know that RFCP HCOM probably have so many great things planned, so as long as I’m pleasantly surprised hehe” – Ot_ter

“Pumpkin carving contest! :)” – JustinTFC

“Maybe something in animal crossing, it needs more love.” – RandomPlayer10

“Oooo a costume contest or a pumpkin carving contest” – Bearz

“I would love to have RFCP do a Halloween movie watch together. :D” – CandyCorn

“Halloween party, we all dress up as skeletons or something spooky and just vibe, like a dress up party but Halloween.” – DabOn

Final question: Are you ready to get SPOOKY?

“YES!” – Ot_ter


RandomPlayer10 just sent in a JoJo meme with the word “Yes” dozen of time.s

“Yesssssss!” – Bearz

“Yes! More than ready!” – CandyCorn


We also decided to also ask RFCP’s residential spooky expert, Captain Spooky, how to keep the Halloween spirit alive all year:

Since your name is spooky, you must be our spook expert! How can we keep the spooky spirit alive all year?

Spooky: the secret to being spooky is to take in all lowercase no matter what. also make sure to use sarcasm to the fullest, also take cool lessons. i own the cool class dojo

Anything else?

Spooky: randomly send letters in chat and phrases. pretend you have discord nitr, .be an egotistical. pretend you’re funny. that’s all.

Thank you for your time.

There you have it: the RFCP server is ready for the month of haunts! HICOM is also prepared to make the most of this fun month with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s Awesome Autumn Event Contest! More details about this super fun event will be released soon!

Also, who is that behind you?





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