RFCP Pretends to be Ants in an Ant Colony for a Day

Nowadays, we like to use blog titles that will make all the non-enlisted snoopers extra mad that they can’t read it. We think this title will definitely do the trick.

Indeed, it does not lie. Prior decided to make today a noteworthy one for the army.

And so, on June 13, 2020, this army unprecedentedly became an ant colony.

Although RFCP already had the “work in unison for the good of the army and worship salute the leader” vibe down, some key changes were made, including editing all the roles to have “Ant” before them, and nicknames too. General Coolj is believed to have inspired this idea by recommending it to Prior to increase our “cult-ure” (get it?).

Throughout the day, officers dropped unannounced photographs of heavy objects in the general chat, which all ants were obliged to respond to with aid of some sort.

Whenever Prior, now called Ant King (instead of Ant Queen), said anything (anything at all) in chat, the ant soldiers responded:

We understand the server will return to normal after today. But the question burning in everyone’s mind is…why?

“I just wanted today to be special,” said Commander Prior.

It was, for sure. But every day here is.

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