HO! HO! HO! RFCP Raids the Templars vs. PZF Battle as Christmas Carolers

RFCP dusted off its CPATG passwords today to raid the Templars’ invasion of Outback, owned by our friends PZF.

Some donned ugly Christmas sweaters, others their fancy Dickens’ themed Victorian suits and dresses. Commander Prior faced the choir with a conductor’s baton.

The army serenaded the battlers with “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” “Jingle Bells,” “Hark! The Herald,” and, “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Between songs, Prior ordered E+T bombs and obnoxious ringing of hand bells.

PZF welcomed the singing, whereas the Templars fired a few derogatory tactics and slurs at RFCP.

That is, except for a certain Mr. Blazes, who, after the event, approached Prior.

“Please come back,” he said.

We love you, Blazes. RFCP hugs you hard.

We maxed 10. It felt good to get back into action again, spreading love while we’re at it.

Before logging off, Prior shouted, “ERAT IPSO SACRA.”

RFCP lives.

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  1. I truly do want RFCP to return and I apologize for Pingu the troop saying those disgusting slurs thank you for coming and emphasizing the holiday spirit.

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