The Marriage of Communists: People’s Imperial Confederation and RFCP Unite

PIC leader Sidie shocked and confused many when she transferred Husky (CPATG) and Frostbite (CPATG) to RFCP.

The PIC Chairwoman is ACP hicom, and the relationship between PIC and RFCP would prompt no one to suspect cooperation.

When Sidie decided to revive a communist-themed army, the People’s Republic Army (PRA), Commander Prior’s veteran home, was the first that came to mind. This sparked immediate tension, attracting Prior’s protest in the CPA general chat to a snickering and hostile audience.

ST leader Cena, ever the guardian for Prior’s weakness to trolling, jumped to Prior’s defense, and all parties left in a huff, with Cena counseling Prior in DMs to consider it just further baiting from ACP.

But later, the tables turned. Chairwoman Sidie reached out to Commander Prior in DMs and explained that the army wasn’t meant to mock him, and that, when she had learned of his objection to a remake of the PRA, she and her other hicom met to revise the brand of the army. They changed the color from red to blue, changed the hat (which Prior reveres as part of his Commander uniform for the RFCP), an changed the name, only to appease him.

Initially tentative, Prior was touched, and said RFCP would remember this respect. These small, private discussions blossomed into a true friendship. Slowly, RFCP connected with the other PIC officers, Manu and Proditor. The commonality of communist-army themes and warm personalities was a surefire match.

Prior announced to the formerly revolutionary leaders that PIC would be under RFCP protection as it rises. EGCP, which had just held a “commie hunting” training event, had been a concern for PIC.

Prior formally asked EGCP to withdraw any plans of attack on PIC, and EGCP cordially agreed.

Now, plans have been set for a seasonal tournament tradition to begin between the two fast friends. Once every three months, RFCP and PIC will compete in a 3-day tournament, best 3 out of 5 practice battles. PIC will perform as themselves, an RFCP will reenact as the PRA. The prize will be that season’s “Glippy Cup,” named after Glippy105, Prior Bumble’s former comrade in the People’s Republic Army in 2008.

The first tournament is scheduled to kick off on Friday, November 8.

A special opening ceremony to formally unite the two armies, especially Prior and Sidie themselves, will be held that eve, Thursday, November 7.

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