FSR…a New Army Tradition?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–As the army awakens from a mandated period of rest, the soldiers reflect on whether a school-induced hiatus should be a new annual tradition.

SPECIAL EDITOR’S NOTE: We have had many new recruits! If you are reading this, and this is your first blog post, WELCOME! The blog is AWESOME. It reports on all the fun and interesting things happening in the army. It also acts as an amazing archive of our history. Finally, our Commander is a professional writer, so that doesn’t hurt when it comes to good reading material 😉 Please join us in saying BLOG! in #general-chat when you read this. Celebrating blog posts is our tradition!

Unless you’ve been living under an iceberg, you’ll have noticed that a short era in history has already come and gone in the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) since autumn started. Not long after the August Feddies, school resumed for many of our soldiers. This brought with it the usual stress and busyness that new college semesters or new grades tend to bring. Because of this, the Commander engineered and announced a sabbatical for the army, wherein the server would cease its weekly schedules in favor of a more relaxed vibe. Music and chatting took precedent. All soldiers were encouraged to treat RFCP as a relaxation resource rather than its usual mission-oriented hustle. The era was called FSR–Flexible Support & Respite–and it had an expiration date: On October 1, the army would return to its full activity.

And it has!

But how did FSR go? Did soldiers appreciate it? Was it, as Commander Prior Bumble asserted, just what the soldiers needed? Or should the army be cautious about getting too comfortable with enacting “low burn” eras?

Since FSR was something of a trial run, we turned to a sampling of the everyday RFCP member to ask their opinion on it–specifically whether or not FSR should occur every September along with the yearly school calendar. We used rank color rather than name to preserve anonymity, Here were their thoughts!

I’d say it would have to depend on the status of RFCP at the time, maybe it might be needed, maybe it might not be, and maybe it might be needed sooner or later into the year

I mean that sounds well to do it every year to give it a refresh check on everyones mood yk

Definitely not we only needed to have FSR because of [one of our officers] leaving

If RFCP has taught us anything, it’s that change will happen–but more importantly, that we can endure through any change. For now, I think FSR would be a good yearly tradition. It expresses compassion for the stress of the majority of our school-attending soldiers. It also prevents the feeling of repeated failure when soldiers see events and schedules online they just can’t handle on top of their in-real-life. Rather than pretend a stressor does not exit–name it and codify it! “X is happening, so Y is our response” is much better leadership than just allowing a struggle to blindly continue. Deciding every August on whether to hold FSR in September is a possibility, because it allows the hicom to make choices based on the current capacity level of the army. But I’d be afraid soldiers would feel that they were a disappointment, like they fell short, if the officers chose to enact FSR one year and not the other. Building it into the RFCP calendar regardless would avoid that. But next year will be a better test of how we are feeling. [We wonder who wrote this reply 😉 ]

I think so, but possibly make it a 3 week bi-annual event, near the start of both semesters, as some people switch classes and the cycle begins again

Yup. Don’t see why not. Cuz people are already dealing with a lot since it’s the beginning of a new school year so people might not have time to do other shit. Some people gotta learn new schedules and it’s especially bad for freshmen

Mmmm. Maybe. But change months. Different months per year. Im more worried abt semesters [than autumn school year starts]. But mhmm. Let the people choose. But yes it should be a tradition. [This one sounds a bit indecisive ;)]

There you have it. Whatever the army does, rest assured the blog will be here to report on it. And, for now, we welcome you back to full swing! Stay tuned for posts covering the awesome Halloween events we’ve enjoyed thus far.

What did YOU think of FSR? Let us know in the comments!

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