Statement of Wellness and the Future

NOTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–In this From the Desk of the Commander post, our revered Father releases a state of the army address and plans for the future.

Sons and Daughters, 

I write from my desk to reassure you that good times are to come–and that all is well right now. 

Our great army is experiencing a natural state of reduced activity as the school semester reaches its final weeks. Myself as well as several key members are consumed by heightened academic work (“finals,” as some say, and studying for them), which goes against our deeper wishes–which are to serve the Recon Federation in glory.¬†

I have published a countdown clock ticking down the seconds to my last day in school this semester before a long summer break. I encourage my soldiers to look to that clock as a light at the end of this natural period of reduced activity. When that clock drains to zero, I shall release my exuberant plans for our summer and a strong return to activity as never seen before. This announcement shall be called the Summer Proclamation.

In the meantime, what should you do? I implore my soldiers to lean into this natural, temporary period. Seasons change with the just laws of the earth, and winters exist for the valuable purpose of rest and reflection. So, rest and reflect. Reflect on your dreams and plans here in the army. Rest with our familiar memes and friendship, and the interim lack of events. Now is also a prime opportunity to pursue personal RFCP projects done on your own time. To my officers in the command room, I suggested they take on a private project for the army or begin thinking about a new development to pursue within our¬†community. For example, in my spare time when not doing schoolwork, I’ve been working on our trading cards. Gen. Microham has been working on our largest, most ambitious video project to date. Conq. Don has been stewing on an idea for the Marines. So, use this downtime to ruminate on your own personal goals and projects in RFCP.¬†

Another way to utilize the time between now and when that clock strikes zero is to focus on your own academics and make your Commander proud. Work alongside us as we plow ahead to the last day of the school year. 

For each A you earn on your final grades OR final projects (papers, exams, presentations, etc.) I’ll award $500 BB. In fact–I love B’s as well, because they sometimes stand for Balance. Balancing your other joys in life and your mental health against academia is important. For that reason, I’ll award the same BB for B’s you earn on your final grades OR final projects. 

Above all, I declare a state of wellness in our army. I declare that this natural period of reduced activity is normal, that it does not concern me, and that we shall rebound with excitement this summer, sharing with one another the relief of the end of our student labors and the commencement of an historic, boisterous new era in RFCP. 

Do not panic. Look forward!

Your loving father,

Commander Prior Bumble 

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