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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Prior Bumble issues a message to the members of RFCP.

To my followers, in spirit and in the army, I speak courage to you, in hopes that you may know your worth.

During my time as Commander, nothing troubled me more than to see how much many of my soldiers struggled with depression or feeling lost in a world that moves ahead and leaves them behind. I was, as many recall, a boomer to Discord and online messaging in general. And so to see so many young people report to me and my officers truly heartbreaking struggles astonished me. It is not fair.

I have come to understand how much of an issue among young people this is, and have tried my best to relieve some of that pain both in my time as a crisis counselor volunteer and in the resources RFCP offers you. When it comes right down to it, sometimes I can do nothing more than wrap you in my arms.

Although those who ridicule us–many, I assure you, that still read this blog–criticize our kin-like structure, I must tell you that as a father to this army I want nothing more than for you to feel constantly supported, celebrated, and loved.

My heart soars when I receive emails from my soldiers excited and proud of themselves for a new accomplishment they are sharing with me.

But I also want you to know that I am smiling at you with a coach’s whistle around my neck even when you do not succeed in your endeavors. Even when you fall behind. I look at you and see Commanders in you.

The road to our destiny is not free of depression, doubt, and darkness. Here, or in the physical world. It is not easy to be RFCP. How much simpler would it be for our officers to quit RFCP, be joyously lifted up by our haters and welcomed, and forget about all of the stigma and challenges there are to being in the Recon Federation? But think how worth it this army must be if they haven’t taken that path. Let the officers inspire you.

Likewise, the road to our destiny–to becoming the men and women you were meant to be–in the physical world will be long and winding. You won’t always see that man or woman in the mirror. I know I don’t. And while you fall behind, each of you have a father in me that wants to pick you up and push you forward. And when you don’t want to get up, it hurts my soul as deep as it cuts into yours.

I leave you with this reminder: You are soldiers of Prior Bumble. Everything you’ve ever felt about me, the good stuff anyway–admiration for my leadership of all kinds–is inherently yours. You are my bloodline. As soldiers in this army, you are meant to become me and so much more.

Be soldiers: fight the depression, fight the dying hope. Fight the stigma. Fight everything that makes you sad to be you.

Because I am proud of you. Being you. Just as you are.

I love you, kids.

Papa Prior

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  1. We love you too papa!

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