These past few days, Ghost Recon Raid Division, led by the anonymous Phantom, has pulled off the most savage string of unbroken raids in RFCP history. That’s right: we have not relented on a single PIC or LGA event, and we’ve been hitting ACP too.

Yesterday, RFCP showed up to LGA’s “Costume Contest” dressed in LGA uniform and disguised under aliases. We crowded the town with them.

Then one of our soldiers said, “Why are there so many LGA here?”

And immediately, all the raiders spammed “!army RFCP” and changed uniform right on top of them.

LGA fled.

Ironically, when RFCP raids, our soldiers are by far not the most out of line. They were. Last time we raided ACP, they complained about us to Super, but two ACP ended up receiving bans themselves for saying vulgarities.

LGA popped in this little comment too:

Our goal isn’t malicious–it’s practical. We want to keep you, our enemies, from functioning. There is no order in RFCP to be unclean.

The People’s Imperial Confederation, LGA, and ACP are so fed up with RFCP’s incessant raids, they’ve taken their qualms to CPAM government.

Quick question–what was the mission statement of the Rosea Coalition again?

Interesting! But it’s not okay when RFCP has that mission, right?

PIC also wept to CPAM about RFCP hicom taking a leak on their flag.

Now there is a 19-1 CPAM vote in progress to mitigate raids and outlaw flag desecration. I’m sorry–I thought CPAM wasn’t a league and can’t control what armies do outside of their server? Isn’t that what was told to us frequently?

No shade on Pookie we love you

Making news, not rules enforceable outside of your server. Especially for something that enacts no real life harm upon anyone and are contained to the limits of the game, unlike attacks we have gotten. RFCP members (for now…) are not even in the CPAM server.

Prior Bumble to CPAM producer Pookie

Let us be very, very clear. RFCP tried to play this game the standard way. We formally declared war, publicly on our blog, on all three of the armies we are raiding. And guess what? All three of those armies refuse to show up to our scheduled battles.

You want the raids to stop?


You won’t come to battle, so we will bring the battle to you.

“Toxic! Toxic! RFCP is being toxic!”

Are we?

Did we really swing the first punch?

LGA: You know what you did.

PIC: You know what you did.

ACP: You know what you did.

Stop being cowards. Stop running to CPAM staff. Stop crying.

Fight us.

7 Responses

  1. We aren’t being cowards. You’re the ones being salty.

  2. We aren’t being salty. You’re the ones being cowards.

    • We aren’t be cowards. We’re trying to be smart. We don’t want to fight you. Please stop asking us too and stop raiding events.

  3. Please, we do not want to fight. We simply just want to be a army without any raids. Please note that, no one wants to fight. We just want to be armies who have fun events and stuff. Please don’t ruin it for everyone else.

  4. We don’t want to fight you. Stop raiding our events.

  5. We ended this war for good reason. We wanted to go into independence anyway, so stop ruining our events. Today, we actually have a more personal and fun event, so STOP GOING TOO FAR.

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